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mars Jun 2018
what does love feel like?
is it warm and welcoming
or is it ice cold to the touch
does it have a taste?
does it taste like your first lick of ice cream and a blistering hot summer's day
or is it as sour as a baby tasting a lemon for the very first time
does it make you shy and flustered
or sad and miserable
are all these feelings still happy ones ?
all these questions i do not have an answer too
for i have never felt the sensation of love
and never will
for i am someone who love disregards every time we walk past each other
like perfect strangers, it ignores me
and when i feel like love is coming closer onto my grasp
it grabs me tightly by my shoulders
and embraces me as if ill fall when it lets go
then at my most vulnerable and at the times i feel the safest ive ever felt
it grabs its infamous jagged dagger
and pierces it through my glass heart and lets go
leaving me to fall in my void of loneliness and heartache once more
and laughing at my meek, and pathetic life
then leaving as my heart shatters into a million little pieces that not even the most talented of artists mend
i reaally like this one honestly im proud of myself personally i wrote this when i had just woken up too
mars Apr 2018
uppers, downers
something to make me feel.
pop a pill and then this world feels so surreal.
smoke a bowl,
and my problems are gone with the smoke.
give me something strong
something that will make me choke.
my life is a joke.
and I'm trynna get through it,
but i can only depend on substances that are therapeutic.
mars Apr 2018
im just a ball of pessimism
all my hopes and dreams are that of imaginative things
it inevitable isnt it?
for me to be the way i am
i was born innocent
but the life ive lived has made me this way
i know its not okay
but i cant help it
all of my pain and sorrow are yours to borrow
if you promise to keep it
forever and tomorrow
please hold my sorrow
for i no longer can.
mars Apr 2018
man she angers me so
she wonders why i say ill "get up and go"
its pretty obvious
though she cant see
i hate being here
i hate being me
this poem is about a woman i hate
mars Mar 2018
"I reached my hand out to the night sky"

"And I plucked a star that was shining high."

"I fell asleep on the crescent Moon"

"And fished in a sea of stars singing a lovely tune "

"I woke up and bid good morning to the sun."

"Another day in space"

"It was another day done.."
mars Mar 2018
"She could see everything that was Divine"

"Everything like space and time"

"Her body made of galaxies"

"Her eyes dripping with stardust"

"Her mind was many Suns"

"Her heart was black holes."

"Cold like space"

"And deadly like the words she spoke."

"Her name, was everything."

"And she was Divine.."
oh so much space
mars Mar 2018
"Feel free to abduct me!"

"And take me to a different place"

"I was born in the wrong world!!!"

"A world of people who call me crazy.."

"A world of greed, a world of pain."

"But I bet other planets are the same.."

,"I know I can never truly leave the pain and greed.."_

"So don't drop me off on a planet full of different species."

"Drop me off in the middle of space."

"And let me float, finally free."
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