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Hide me away
Wish I was gone
Give me a kiss
But bite my tongue

Slap away my faith
Laugh at my tears
Then hold me tight
Chase away the fear

Walk into the night
Leave me blind
So I can no longer see
How love died
Does he still love her?

She spent countless times daydreaming of them together,
Even at nights, he appears on her dreams,
Maybe it's a terrible habit to keep on holding on to their memories,
But **** was she terrified,
And oh was he madly in love... or used to.

So she asked him if he still loves her,
She closed her eyes and
My God, she was hoping...

Silent stares came and,
She  took a sharp breath and whispered,
"Spare me what you think,
and just tell me a lie".
I was a fool for thinking you still love me.
daúd 1d
a word sweetest than honey
i’ve bitten in your lips
your laughter of white bronze
flying like flapping light
a slow poison of doubt
A swift nectar of grief
Flavors as give the earth
feelings as found in life

i’ve kissed you wildly or soft
as an exquisite flame
-in your rebellious mouth
that I so madly need
I have tasted with awe
an earthly & wild terrain
together with the heaven
of your feminine being

i’ve come to know you by  
your mouth just bit by bit
-its fluency of rain
its deep hunger of fire
that burns words like straw
scenting with only a kiss
time, place, dream & desire

to kiss you is to realize
with flame, with blood, with soul
the meaning of all life
the secret of the unknown
allison 1d
"give up" the voice said
fought it i did
but the voice had won
giving up on him once again.
Soft brown eyes
Shattered like mirrors
Scattered with abandon
What happens when
There are hearts working in tandem
Sharing and loving and growing and
What happens when
One just dies
Probably my final poem from my English class.
love is a one way street
and i always go the wrong way
and love the ones i shouldnt
going down these one way streets causes me to crash
last night i stayed up
until the stars lost their warmth
until the constellations rearanged
until the moon departed back into the galaxy
just thinking about you
the night sky is clearing but im still awake
He doesn't burn photographs 
He doesn't join therapy sessions
He doesn't smoke too many cigarettes
Nor he drown himself into alcohol
He scratches his wounds daily
And never let them heal
He doesn't try to get rid of the pain 
Instead he let it grow on him
He waters the seed of sorrow with his tears
He feeds it with the manure of old memories
He takes it to sleep with him
And nurtures it in himself
Till the moment when every single drop of his blood gets replaced by this pain
Until his fragile heart can bear no more 
And his soul starts overflowing with emotions
That's when he dip his pen into this pain
And empty his heart on a piece of paper
He bares his soul for us to feel
He creates poetry that the world would cherish for centuries to come

        ©Words of a withering soul
How a poet writes...
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