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there was no escape
your soul bewitched mine
the instant our eyes met
on velvet nights
our bodies bled into one,
moonlight kissing flesh
a love so full of fire
the stars themselves
faced inwards to watch
our nightly worship.
- my heart still remembers your touch, does that make me wicked?
I never thought I´d miss you so
and that I´d cry late at night
I never thought I´d be alone
and that you´d go out of sight

So many aches that haven´t passed
So many tears I haven´t shed
I was your first you were my last
our love was but a broken thread

And you seem able to move on
making new friends, laughing out loud
forgetting me before the dawn
can´t help but think my sadness out

And I have stayed still for days
still haven't eaten, drunk or smoked
and in my mind I see your face
and in my sighs I feel being choked

When will this martyrdom just stop?
when will my grief just cease to appear?
As I go on this huge hilltop,
will all my suffering get clear?
Noura 5d
For a while I thought love an illusion
A mind tricked by hormones and confusion
Then you appeared, with a solution
And I battled my feelings with resolution.
Until you left,
That’s when I knew love
Emotions way too strong to shove
Heartache, a hundred stabs and above
But no regrets fall,
For I now know myself better than ever
So learn and move on I shall.
Joanna hurt me
She broke my heart torn apart
No I am less whole
Heart break hurts always
Reminders daily sometimes
This season is hard
Amy 5d
Hold me.
Not letting go.
Assuring me,
this will be everlasting bliss.
Kissing me,
like you need to breathe me in
the way you need oxygen.
Promising me
this once in a lifetime love is forever.
But we both know there’s a shadow hovering over us
"This will end one day…"
when lovers can't be together.
To have chosen
to be broken,
and be frozen
while awoken,

To live the pain
to love too much,
and never gain
the needed touch,

To want to feel
a broken heart,
when only real
is torn apart,

To want to live
in spite of this,
so she might give
me just one kiss.
The nights are long and dark
my tears are cold as snow
my heart's being torn apart
my soul has ceased to flow

Her words like sharpened knives
her eyes like candle flames
her smile as always hides
and brings forth thousand pains

Suffering endlessly I am
screaming at God for my mistakes
praying for change at last to come
as I am healing all of my aches

I never took us seriously
I thought of love as being a game
it all was gone so beautifully
oh baby its such a shame

This is the only thing I ask
I want your heart to just be whole
don't worry bout me I 'm in the past
I will no longer burn your soul.
gracie 6d
tonight i will sleep with my windows open
and i will only lie with you when the bed is bare
gracie 6d
i hope that time isnt linear
so i can stop wondering if we could just go back.

i would keep moving forward,
keep moving on,
and eventually,
she would bring me back to you.
"im happy for them" i say
"im happy for us too"
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