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I tried to die
wanted it
yet he came
he yelled
he told me off
yet he didn't sugarcoat it.
He didn't get sweet
he didnt get sappy
no 'you deserve to live a long life'
'youll be missed if you do'
or any of that.
he gave it to me straight
and gave me the cold
and yet that helped more than anything else.
sweets just aren't for me, i suppose.
Jack Torrance Sep 2018
How could you leave me so unexpected?
I was waiting, I was waiting
For you but you just left me
I needed you, I needed you
Yo, I don't know what it's like to be addicted to *****
But I do know what it's like to be a witness it kills
You told me you love me, I'm thinking this isn't real
I think of you when I get a whiff of that cigarette smell, yeah
Welcome to the bottom of hell
They say pain is a prison, let me out of my cell
You say you proud of me, but you don't know me that well
Sit in my room, tears running down my face and I yell
Into my pillowcases, you say you coming to get me
Then call me a minute later just to tell me you not, I'm humiliated
I'm in a room with a parent that I don't barely know
Some lady in the corner watching us, while she taking notes
I don't get it dad, don't you want to watch your baby boy grow?
I guess that ***** is more important, all you have to say is no
But you won't do it will you? You gon' keep drinking 'til the ***** kills you
I know you gone but I can still feel you
Why would you leave me? Why would you leave me here?
How could you leave me here?
How would you leave me? Why would you leave me?
Oh, Hey
I got this picture in my room and it kills me
But I don't need a picture of my dad, I need the real thing
Now a relationship is something we won't ever have
Why do I feel like I lost something that I never had?
You shoulda been there when I graduated
Told me you love me and congratulations
Instead you left me at the window waiting
Where you at dad? I was too young to understand where you at huh?
Yeah, I know that alcohol  got you held captive
I can see it in your eyes, its got your mind captured
Some say it's fun to get the high but I am not laughing
What you don't realise and what you not grasping
That I was nothing but a kid who couldn't understand
I ain't gon' say that I forgive you cause it hasn't happened
I thought that maybe I feel better as time passes
If you really cared for me, then where you at then?
Why would you leave me? Why would you leave me?
How could you leave me here?
How would you leave me? Why would you leave me?
Our last conversation, you and I sat in the living room
Playing our video games, you started slurring and I broke down in front of you
You started crying, telling me this isn't you
Couple weeks later, guess you were singing a different tune
You Drank that ***** for the last time, didn't you?
It took you from me once, guess It came back to finish you
Crying my eyes out in the studio is difficult
Music is the only place that I can go to speak to you
It took everything inside of me to not scream at your funeral
Sitting in my chair, that person talking was pitiful
I wish you were here dad but every time I picture you
All I feel is pain, I hate the way I remember you
They found you on the floor, I could tell that you felt hollow
Gave everything you had plus your life to those jack bottles
You gave everything you had plus your life to them jack bottles
Don't know if you hear me or not, but if you still watching why
Why would you leave me? Why would you leave me?
How could you leave me here?
How would you leave me? Why would you leave me?
Custom version of NFS why would you leave us
Akshay Ghadge Feb 2018
At the rooftop bar
In the night I see stars
Love isn’t bad
Neither we are
We fail to express,
We fail to feel so
We Hate the love...

All these lines are about the life,
The one i didn’t decide
Watch out, he’s about to stride
With one insident, feelings has died,
I would have regrets, but i have tried,
Cried, a tearfull eyes,
In the winter we wait for sunrise,
Coz Cold Nights are hard to survive
But survival is a thing you must not deny,
Love hurts making you angery,
Cutted with blades, please take me to dispensary
Went to Flash back, remindes me something dark, which i am afraid of
But i see light in her side, goosebumps for the fight to life
But i was wrong, thought shez strong
I am like japan, shes being nuclear bomb, ready to explode,
She closed the door,i lost the key
I am on the ice with broken ski
Going so far where you cant reach
But remember
Every hiroshima have one nagasaki...

At the rooftop bar
In the night I see stars
Love isn’t bad
Neither we are
We fail to express,
We fail to feel so
We Hate the love...

That was a remembrance, what a feeeling it was,
She and me emprising thoughts,
Some of them cited when i see the  past, away from the world in eachother we lost,
We brought happiness tied in relationship knots...
But i wonder how things can change so fast?
From everything we’re nowhere to be found,
Karma hit rebound, and i am down
Depressed, broken feelings all around
Hate gaining towards love now,
But my love there is life ahead to go
Don’t you mind if i am moving on
Relationship?? no place in my heart
Coz every end is a new start.

At the rooftop bar
In the night I see stars
Love isn’t bad
Neither we are
We fail to express,
We fail to feel so
We Hate the love...

People talk about love and their lovable
They feel em, they need em
But i have something different to tell
Worst, bad and how i fell...
We fight, we love, we laugh, we? No i cried,
Somewhere in my mind i got this line
Are you falling for me?
Like i fall for you?
Or this all are dreams i want to?

You kept coming in my dreams
Those were very hurtfull enough me to scream
But i love the pain, by them i gain
Your memories keep hitting my brain
Like alcohol in my veins, i know that was a too lame,
I just tried to rhyme this in line, why you sad? Dont worry i’m fine
keep answering this to my friend
But let me tell you silence is my strenth, so i started this lyrical game
I’ll tell you in detail who were main
To separated us in two
And made me a swain...
I am empty road in rain
Waiting for you to come in
We’ll steep together...
Mom shouted,
And i woke up alone in my bed....
Jamie Rose Jan 2018
Everyone can say they love you
Not everyone actually loves you
Love is something all humans know of
Love is something we live by
We write, sing, talk, type, paint, draw, craft, cook, sculpt: LOVE
But why do we insist on wanting something that hurts so bad?
Hanef Alinor Jul 2017
I kinda care for you
I kinda don't care
But whatever you do
My eyes can't stop its stare

I kinda feel jealous
I kinda feel apathy
But when you're with someone
I always feel agony

I kinda need you
I kinda think u'r useless
But like a necessity,
Without you, I am lifeless

I kinda feel love
I kinda hate you
But no matter what
The heart knows what's true
Larissa Crockett Mar 2017
Dear Scott
You're the reason for my tears
And the reason for my smile.
It's three years
And you're the one I see for miles.
Even you can pull me down
But I won't care
Cause you're my frown
But also my air.
Echoes Of A Mind Feb 2016
I hate Love
and lets be honest
I don't think
that I'm ever gonna Love it...

— The End —