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Esther Sep 2020
i noticed
on our way back to the bus stop
you offered to carry my bag
it felt like a weight lifted off my chest

i guess
you're a flawless angel
having hit hell's rock bottom
i don't want to stain you like a bottle of wine

i swear
when you said you wanted to kiss me on the cheek
before i stepped on the bus
i could've loved you then

i'm caught in the middle
you saw me right through
wanting a new start
yet struggling to let go.
let's see where this goes, joe
Michelle May 2020
He liked pringles.
So she thought that it would go
Straight to his heart.
What? What is this paper? Maaan, I just wanted pringles.
I see now.
Jieun Feb 2020
i make poems
i type and i type
hoping one day I'll  be known
and my talents will be acknowledged and shown
twenty-six Jan 2020
i'm not a fool to want you again
talking **** about me was your only friend
i thought my love for you had no end
i don't even want you now as a friend

how funny of you to say
that i'm not happy to this day
i'm more than happy with what i have today
more than my feelings for you in may

don't go around feeling special
my world doesn't revolve around someone so in denial
i don't want someone who saw me as someone so trivial
you ain't it, you ain't worthwhile

losing you wasn't miserable;
it was a blessing.
Sky Oct 2019
I saw heaven today
looking through chaos
I see life array

lucid sun reflects
on life treasure
mammals, insects

mighty seas parade
clusters of fish
bright coral of jade

to walk on earth
cling, connect barefoot
our chakras rebirth

bloom auratic roots
of dainty flowers
and juicy fruits

midnight mushroom forest
vision of trees, mud
birds lovest

our glistering moon
at dusk it looms
hears soft wind croon

of everything heaven true
the one I love most
will always be you
for my true love
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