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Amitav Radiance Jun 2015
Luscious and curvaceous
Sometimes with a pout
Airing some disapproval
With the wave of her hand
She turns back and
Gives a nonchalant glance
Sometimes disapproval
But her side glances
Reveal a different story
The gait of a ballet dancer
There’s rhythm in her feet
Voices her opinions
With her surreal notes
Her piercing gaze
Tears down all defenses
Here, helpless soul
Is mesmerized
It’s a luscious night
Leah May 2014
I must say,
that you have the bluest eyes I've ever seen
and you look beautiful.
No matter what others said to you
before me,
I have to say,
"You are lovelier to me."

On the radio
two DJs are arguing over some girl's problem
with her bossy boyfriend
as I sit right next to you.
It can't be a coincidence
that I'm hearing this sobbing story of
random girl
when my glistening love starts to appear.

I should've said to you
that I'm really glad to meeting you
before I show the miserable side of me but
I can't handle myself
from holding into heaven
of muttering
because you simply are the prettiest girl
in my little universe
and if I have one foot into your space
I"m afraid,
the walls between us starts to pile up
till I can't see your gorgeous face
ever again.

— The End —