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Leah Jul 2018
Words spinning around
I'm now in the labyrinth of my head

reminiscing my first kiss with whom I barely know
in her room half naked
She says nothing, but her thought are as if they're hand in hand to mine

electrocuting every fibre of my body
I feel hazy about the times I spent with her,
yet I vividly remember every words she had spoken

She now speaks bout a little river she used to go with her first love, but when will she tell me the words?

I see now, I see that her fire was put out
personal thoughts
Leah Jun 2015
As the sun beams creep under my skin
this unfrequented place
to find some ease
- ease to the body some, -
trembles to the beat

Time past, and
what once I was and what am now
has given birth to
a long lost youth
who's bound to
be ascended
in all flames
at once
at last

from Heaven foretold
twice by an Angel,
who once trapped and caught
Leah May 2015
She's constantly trying
to communicate something incommunicable,
to explain something inexplicable,
to tell about something
she feels every day,
only to make her
into the labyrinth of her thoughts
yet she's a communicator
who shares every trifles of her moments
with clouds above
Leah May 2015
Those lights
that guide you home and ignite your bones
something inherently valuable
being a misfit
has been told you
that you tend to be wrong

It also told you
that those lights never easy to find
they never gets lost
once they're found

they are
the one that got away.
Leah Apr 2015
I have seen roses bloomed,
red and white,
but no such roses see I her in her eyes
and in some perfumes is there more delight

If snow be white
yellow neon lights grow on her
If the moon smiled the horizon sits on me
like wuthering heights,
titled and shifted,
a series of promises steps forward

Weighing the pale sky with a transparent colour
I've found myself with my head
possessed by an inhuman hunger
to a girl with the enigmatic mind,
affixed to mine

I can feel it trying
to funnel my heart thro'
bending back and forth
only to make a space,
a sense of solitary absence,
unwarmed by the sweet air drove by her o'mouth
and it keeps swinging around

It fled through my fingers the hollow leans on me
wi' thy gone.
Leah Feb 2015
She is of the opinion that the way to get out
of feeling stuck or dragged in life is
to turn off all lights off in her room
and ****** Fall Out Boy songs
by playing on repeat.

She glows
when silence becomes as a whole
and fritters away every morning;
the hues and harmonies
of unfrequented places

The foretold stories of her hums
to her heartbeat
as to sync with her departed smile
it seems to move such a scope
for hope
from Clouds of Atlas
only to cauterise all in flames.

Time past,
and comes last in sight
when she is at ease
and those unseen awful thoughts in her mind
wane away

Her body stumbles and her words fumble
like life and fear equal shadows
of used things-

that she is.
Seceond edition, unpublished, personal.
Trigger warning: view at your risk.
Leah Feb 2015
In an ocean of thoughts
I gasped for my last breath.

I was a dead city then
and I am a city of brisk air now.

In a matter of fact,
I'm ascending
to be someone else.

I was a runaway girl in light clothes
and cigarettes was the thought that I cling to
but I started caring about you and it all became a dust of ashes
just like everything else turned to shy.
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