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celeste Nov 2018
I feel like that's just a fancy way of saying

“jumping is the biggest decision a person can make”

because choosing to die is the most powerful thing you can do
to be free from every wound and trauma
to be free from another day or another trial
to be free from every single ugly part of living

so if my legs took me to my balcony
and I stumbled
as if I were going to jump
do you think I might feel a little of that freedom?
it's been way too long, poets. i'm glad to be back. this was an interesting piece to do, sparked by a phenomenon my friend explained to me the other day - call of the void. i recommend looking into it if you understand the feeling i'm writing about or are just curious.
celeste Dec 2017
i will not



a p a r t

to make someone else

celeste Nov 2017
what puts you to sleep at night?
what gets you out of bed in the morning?

what do you listen to when you're sad?
what do you listen to when you think of me?

what do you think of the color of the sky?
what do you think of the meanings of clouds?

do you look at the stars and think of me?
do you care if i look at the stars and think of you?

whats your favorite scent?
what smells remind you of time with me?

do you think about the meaning of our lives?
do you think about how out of seven billion and counting people
you're the one i fell in love with?
celeste Nov 2017
who was it - walking down the school corridor?

a Spanish teacher?

an honors student?

a football player?

you'll never know; you didn't care.

did it feel good,
mister shooter?
to pull the trigger on

a mother?

a best friend?

a boyfriend?

to take the lives of family and friends and lovers of innocent people?

was seeing those who have hurt you
suffer by your hand
worth a life behind bars?

16 years old

yet you think you have the right to take away life?
a week ago they took a gun away from a boy at my friend's school. had someone kept quiet, i could've lost some of the most important people in my life. if you suspect something, say something. the world is scary; stay safe out there.
celeste Nov 2017
who were you
                                                                                         before you were hurt?
i've had clinical depression and anxiety throughout the entirety of high school. this year, i'm getting ready to graduate. and honestly? i don't know who i am. i'm so used to being sad and nervous and insecure all the time that i don't know what my personality is actually like. i don't know what i think is funny or what i enjoy when i'm not depressed. anyhow, if you got this far, thanks for taking the time to read this. the road to recovery is a long one, and i'm still on it.
celeste Nov 2017
if the sun
doesn't embrace you with warmth
then i will.

if the leaves
don't blush red and fall for you
then i will.

if the flowers
don't bloom and burst for you
then i will.

if the ocean
doesn't sing you to sleep
then i will.

and if this poem
doesn't love you
then i will.
  Nov 2017 celeste
Flowers are beautiful.
Not just in their appearance.
Each flower has a meaning,
Meanings unique to each one.

Flowers smell nice and look nice.
However, if you get too close they can hurt.
That's why they're put away in a vase, for viewing.
Look, don't touch.

However, all nice things must come to an end.
Flowers will wither away, much like a human.
However, you can always grow them again.
Flowers are easily replaceable.

Sometimes I hate flowers.
They're everything a human isn't.
You can't **** a person and grow one back.
You can't wither away and become a decoration.

Humans can't be put away, only to view.
Even the most beautiful flowers will hurt you.
Because you let them out of the vase.
I envy flowers, in some way.

Pick me up and spin me around.
Not too tightly, or you'll cut yourself.
Smell me, lean in and tell me I'm pretty.
Then when I wither, scatter me across the sea.
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