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You were my sunshine, I loved to feel your warmth on my back, and your beauty radiating upon my face.
Sunshine is good for you, in small quantities. I didn’t mind the sunburns I’d get and would take all the vitamin D I could get.
Prolonged exposure to sun can cause sunburns, premature skin aging (though that may have been attributed to the cigarettes you made me addicted to)  skin damage (from the knives you’d drag across my body, you were always a sadist)  and skin cancer. You were a tumor, slowly killing me, and I had to cut you away from me. I’m in remission, I pray to God that you don’t make me go through this again, no amount of treatment, whether it be cannabis or prayer could save me a second time.

I am vitamin D deficient.
i hope he loves you the way i never could
You have my heart, but you aren’t here.
She has my body, because you aren’t here.
why don’t you love me anymore gabriel
You promised me forever, forever you were mine.
As long as long as the stars would shine.
How was I supposed to know forever could burn out so soon.
thank you for  breaking my heart into pieces, you taught me how to put myself back together.
thank you for not loving me, you taught me to love myself.
thank you for leaving me, you taught me how to find myself.
I want to french kiss you
with a grenade in my mouth
just call me, just once more, let me hear your voice and the way your haughty breathing drifts over the speaker. Please let me listen to you, let me listen to you, let me listen. Please tell me all the answers ive been begging for tell me how it all makes sense. Tell me what happened, tell me what you did, why you did it, tell me how you could have done it.
You wouldn't have slowly drifted away
If you truly had meant all the promises you made
Give me a reason not to love you.
Give me a reason to not love the way your eyes sparkle on a sunny day.
The way your hair drifts in the breeze.
The way the corners of your mouth start to curve at the start of a stupid pun.
How i feel at rest when listening to your breathing.
How your nose wrinkles as that laugh of yours passes through my very soul.
I never thought i could fall for a shooting star.
Give me a reason not to love you.
ill never stop
long as theres blood running through these veins
long as there's a pulse
long as theres breath in my chest
ill never give up
ill fight tooth and nail
as long as i am alive i will never give up
they always said boys like us was stubborn
always taking the hardest route
but always gettin what we wanted
we start where we are
use what we got
and do what we can
thats our mantra
and ain't nothing get in our way that we cant fight our way through
I dont give up as long as i see a way
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