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Orakhal May 2020
N o

I am not born sad
To learn happiness
Or dumb in the quest for knowledge
It is all I
All knowing all not knowing
From beginning to another
The lover and the loved
Over flowing in my own cup of understanding

I’m not an orphan in my mothers arms
I may abandon her but she never abandons me
I can not separate myself from my own creation
The ocean from its waves
I’m not innocence to lay guilt upon
Or a voice talking itself into being heard
I play in the game I am making

I may chase my own tail
To the ends of time
Still  I will begin
Where I am
In this body
Before I began
Nowhere I know
All at once
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2020
Time may taught One
When to scroll
When to walk
When to run
When to jump
When to stop

Still there is
A way long
For ever and ever

What matters
Genre: Observational
Theme: Learning
wizmorrison Oct 2018
Is just part of our journey
Unconditional love
Undying commitment
Will make it last.
Andreas Simic Nov 2017
What is Success©

Is it being selfless
Even during moments of duress
Where I don’t try to impress

Or those times where I don’t make a mess
Which is often I confess
For wisdom I don’t profess

These thoughts coalesce
In my mind like a fortress
Sometimes seemingly useless

Difficult to access
During moments of stress
Or worry in excess

Do they reveal my lack of  classiness
Or skills at chess
Over which I obsess

Is it about the way I dress
Or a life lacking fullness
Without much to bless

Shame arrives during idleness or
After periods where I am win less
It is these I try to suppress

My parents believe I am aimless
But still show their fondness
And support with kindness

My life at times senseless
Revealing all this is just a guess
So I egress

Andreas Simic©
Feggyr Citack Apr 2017
-for Easter, on a body appearing in the melting snow

You can see now...
you can breathe, freely:
nothing can touch you now.

     Cry, suffer, die ...for a brother
     - by brothers you may live.

Every person has his breaking point,
I turned to drugs to ease the pain.
Do look down on me, a mirror,
having you reborn, a man again.

     Innocent like a still-born child,
     faithful like a sleeping foetus,
     ready like a falling seed.

Today it's me,
tomorrow... you.
Let them sleep roughly now.

Stanza#1 quotes a woman who lives on the streets, lamenting her halfbrother who died of hypothermia while drinking alcohol in the freezing cold.
Stanza#2 is from a Canadian war cemetry in Europe (pro amicis mortui amicis vivimus - paraphrased)
Stanza#3 depicts death inside of us, while we live in good health.
Stanza#4 I would really like on my grave (wishful thinking of course).
Stanza#5 quotes the good old Roman hodie mihi, cras tibi.

— The End —