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Feggyr Citack Apr 2020
In the dark I entered my home.

I came to see
if anything was left,
anything of you and me.

I didn't realize I was blind,
the darkness was in me.

Until your lips touched mine.
Another view on social distancing.
Feggyr Citack Jun 2019
-faking breaking news

The United Kingdom will become the 51st state of the USA. This decision has not been officially announced yet, but it will soon be done, according to our informal source near Prime Minister dr. Farage. "A newly independent nation needs a strong arm to guide its steps towards prosperity, " our beloved PM recently stated, so this move should not come as a surprise.

Strong support
We all know dr. Farage's sympathy for a strong and straight approach, which has only increased during the past three years of versatile and energetic priority swapping. The tremendous successes of this period were achieved also by the practical and moral support of our American friends. Therefore we are convinced that the proud accession to this successful union of states will re-energise our traditional institutions, thus supplying new vigour to the independence we won in the glorious year 2019.

Just sign
It is expected that mr. Kushner, US secretary of foreign affairs and acting vice-president, will soon invite our beloved PM to sign the treaty. US officials made it clear to us there is no need for the UK to worry about the details.The terms of the treaty will be completely defined at Trump Super Tower; all the UK will have to do is sign. This will help the UK to seamlessly become a highly successful and inseparable part of the prosperous United States.

Highly valuable
The safety of the UK will be guaranteed by the permanent presence of the US navy at Scapa Flow, where joint operations will be performed with Russian or EU fleets. And the Irish will be happy: the Irish border will be effectively removed since many (if not most) Irish people have become Americans long ago, and for many years the Republic of Ireland has been successfully advised by great US-based privately owned firms. These firms, that are also active in the UK, will turn the UK into a highly valuable hub between Europe and the US. For the first time in history EU citizens will be able to reach the USA by car only, via Ireland or the Calais-Dover tunnel. This will also be the preferred access method since public transport, and public services in general, are expected to be dismantled - for the benefit of us all.
Let's make sure this little story will be fake news indeed in three years time.
Feggyr Citack May 2019
-on a 30th anniversary

If you're standing on a square
Just realize
It isn't selfevident

They may kick you off

If you're standing on a square
Just realize
You're entitled to

They can't kick you off
And if they did
Hold it against them
Imagine it's not safe to express yourself in a straightforward manner.
Feggyr Citack Apr 2019
-on that fatal day in Helsinki

It hurts the eye to watch a big star crumble,
not the man but the thing that should make him humble:
the honour to represent his country's prudent heart
- all washed away in ambitious fumble.

Ambition is a strange disease,
it slowly eats the brain, to please
the inner void's persistent hunger
- this hidden pain will never cease.

Don't blame a sick and hollow man
whose fever will bring him down again.
Let's pick a common guy with common sense
- 2020 is our time, o yes, we can.
US election fever is heating up again. Wondering where we will be four years from now.
Feggyr Citack Feb 2019
-on the justification of poetry

I saw a rose I couldn't smell.
Though pointless as it seemed,
her thorns have taught me all my life
there's truth in what I dreamed.

Blessed was the day when poetry came of age,
it saved me from pacing back and forth in my cage.

Blessed are the lines that should be carved in stone,
they helped my hand to leave the bottle alone.

Blessed are the words that saved my life,
the words that fed my selfless strife.
Feggyr Citack Dec 2018
-on the spirit of passion

My life had ended, so I felt,
when your eyes found mine.
You dragged me up to heaven
- the heat caused my will to melt.

My reborn self drowned in your beaming eyes.
Your ardent face steamed away my flesh;
my spirit, pure and longing, stood naked
- only at your service now, only yours my ties.

Let me take the final step, I cried.
Unshackle my heart, unwrap my love,
undo the border between you and me
- our nova will disrupt all selfhood that we hide.

My love flamed high towards your feet above.
It burned itself and turned to ashes,
its sole remainder its humiliated, aching root
- and still a new twig grows from the stump of love.

How could I ignore your whispering song?
The voice of your leaves filled my head,
you took my hands, you bowed my knees -
a gardener's prayer makes a tender love grow strong.

A storm shook my spine and my sacrosanct place!
The more I pressed my face against your trunk,
the clearer I saw two radiating planets rise
- attracting me with liberating gaze.

It's you, and you, and you, my beloved friends,
it's the asking glance we see in each and all.
My life has ended with my questions now -
now that your responding eyes found mine.
Just another christmas carol
Feggyr Citack Oct 2018
Psychotria Elata needs your discretion,
its hot lips' bloom is premature,
****** showing at her best.

Close your eyes,
don't watch her flowers coming out,
the shock will **** your desire.

Psychotria Elata needs your protection,
its secret toes that root the soil,
may soon be dangling burned and bare.

Open your eyes,
stop the men ravaging the forest,
stop them from taking what they want.
The 2018 presidential elections in Brazil have presented another politician preaching violence against man, nature and common sense. Among his supporters are the persons who take away rainforest territories from the local people, burn huge areas of the land and emaciate the soil by growing industrial crops.

The flower of Psychotria Elata has become an iconic image of the arousing beauty and the innocence of the tropical rainforest. Cf
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