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Orakhal May 2020
N o

I am not born sad
To learn happiness
Or dumb in the quest for knowledge
It is all I
All knowing all not knowing
From beginning to another
The lover and the loved
Over flowing in my own cup of understanding

I’m not an orphan in my mothers arms
I may abandon her but she never abandons me
I can not separate myself from my own creation
The ocean from its waves
I’m not innocence to lay guilt upon
Or a voice talking itself into being heard
I play in the game I am making

I may chase my own tail
To the ends of time
Still  I will begin
Where I am
In this body
Before I began
Nowhere I know
All at once
Vange Cain Mar 2020
My darlings of light & love. I show up today, with love and inspiration in my heart. Holding space and intention to receive a beautiful healing. When we surrender to the whims of our own wide open reflection we discover that we are full of love.. As you listen to the silent whispers of the Goddess and look deep within her eyes you'll discover you are looking into the depths of the ocean. Today, the purest of waters comes to you from the heavens and it travels down to earth. You are being cleansed of all the karma & drama in your path. Today, we call upon the great mother, ask for our own wishes to be heard. Call out to the heavens should you have a wish as it will be heard. Cry out my loves, when you feel stuck. Send a silent, but effective whisper when you need abundance in your life.

I'm here



Love is near.

Love Vange

— The End —