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Zoe Mae Jul 23
Tell someone you like their stuff
They never like your stuff again
Boy, this crowd's insanely tough
Great place to make a friend
His face blue
He raises it through
Can you find a utopian loop
Where people’s grace grew?

Her face is red
A misplaced puzzle zoo
There is no wall to climb 
But into a wall of bricks

Will more people and more walls
Another sequel with another fall
She dreams a wall is ineffective.
Although he has built doors for a world at war.
The big brothers in, the heavier the doors 
She knows how Tu Fu escaped from a bamboo wall

Iambic Tetrameter
By Angel. XJ. 28/11/ 2019
Laura Aug 2019
You were a waste of time
Waste of skin
Waste of space

But for some reason
I thought
You were worth it
Sijo Robert Z Jun 2015
It is winter and it is cold,
or am i just feeling old.

The shortest day is past so it is time,
to celebrate anew with a party sublime
and it costs naught, not a dime,
the event once a year, one-time.

A great event, a party, an event, a Do,
catch up on events and acquaintances renew.
Chase away this cold winters blue,
with friends and food and a good brew.

This Saturday coming as foretold,
come celebrate this special day twofold,
to reconnect with friends of old
and to dispel the winters cold.

Sijo Robert Z
Sijo Robert Z Jun 2015
On this chilly night,
so do not get a fright,
but rug up and come into the light,
at Mordialloc Training, Tonight.

We will do the warm-up, as is right
do some push ups for our might
and after this have a bite,
of some new chocolates, Tonight.

After this you will be ready outright,
with some cardie-vascular workout, quite,
and we will keep the schedule tight,
and do some partner-work too, Tonight.

So come and warm yourself by active rite,
maybe with a bit of sparring, no not fight,
and we will make it a delight, alright, alright,
when you come to Kung Fu training Tonight, Tonight.
Sijo Robert Z Jun 2015
Regular training tonight, that's right,
nothing new, no fright i cite.
So we will start at last light, to ignite and incite,
your skills to manage conflict and fight.

But also your health and your might,
to improve, increase and help forthright.
So, it's cold alright, alright, but despite this blight,
come training tonight, tonight; Alright?

Sijo Robert Z
Sijo Robert Z Jun 2015
It is time to compile, as it has been a while
and it is worthwhile, to trial
an animal style, that is very versatile.

So, tonight we will do and so-with accrue,
an insight into something funky and spunky,
and do a little Kung Fu Monkey.

But not the whole training sessions,
will be spent on our Monkey Expression,
we will also train, some kung fu just plain.

So, come to training tonight you must,
just come, do not be fussed, else you will rust
your kung fu skills and health too will go bust.
Sijo Robert Z Jun 2015
Day light is becoming gray,
it is that time of day,
So off i go, straight away;
kung fu training is the way
so, step aside i say, i say
into the fray, yay.
at Mordialloc on the bay.
See you there, OBEY-OBEY!
Sijo Robert Z Jun 2015
Not every one knows who shall pass in the end,
Watching the training of Monk ***** Defence.
Who will manage the attack real well and defend,
And who will step aside and run away with good sense.

The time to compete is nearly at hand,
With a new weaponry style to commence
Come to training today and see how you withstand
The attacks on you person with Monks *****, bare hand defense!

And after all this that excellent Brew
That we will share and enjoy immense.
Look forward to training with You,
That most awesome of styles which we call Shaolin Self Defence
Sijo Robert Z Jun 2015
Black Gold, liquid energy, a morning obsession;
that here is the question, can we have another session.
Coffee is the great brew to share, an obsession,
with friends and family; and just to re freshen;

The time for the Saturday morning training,
just one-and-a-half hour remaining.
I am not complaining to be abstaining,
and refraining from the brew so sustaining
but it has to wait till one pm, after training.

So, i will see you, after the training of kung fu,
for this liquid black brew and something to chew,
today with my mordi kung fu crew,
so until then when i see you, adieu
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