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Kimberley Feb 13
i knew it was wrong
i threw myself at you
i knew what it was
i still fell to my knees at your command
because i needed to feel something,
something other than the worthlessness
that built up in my soul
something other than the depression that lives within me
i needed to feel something new
everything i felt was
eerily familiar .
Kimberley Feb 10
i cannot wait for the day
i look at you
or say your name
or even see your picture
and feel absolutely
n o t h i n g
Kimberley Feb 10
you were the first person to take my breath away
and three years later,
i haven't gotten it back
Kimberley Feb 10
it’s the worst kind of pain, they say
i cling to my 3rd bottle of *****
look at me, at just 18
my muffled cries
my screams into my pillow
sleepless nights, drunken nights
the darkness of my room is now my solitude
no-one told me it’d hurt this bad
it’s been two years since my first drunken night
two years later I’m on my millionth drunken night
with my ***** and tears
Kimberley Feb 10
you told me i was everything
yet you treated me like i was nothing
how convenient for you to compliment me only when you needed me
to get into my pants and satisfy your own hunger
but how to ****** of me to let you in repeatedly
Kimberley Sep 2018
i think she mistook the hurt in my eyes
for jealousy,

i think she confused my heartbreak with hatred.
i can't hate her. i never will

i think she thinks i'm bitter he chose her
but that's not it. that will never be it.
it's about losing the one i fell inlove with
it's about all the memories that faded from his memory
it's about me and my heart.

i'm hurt. i'm broken. i don't know how to heal.
i don't know how to cope. i know i can do all these things
but i just don't know how.

i'm trying to pick the pieces up. my heart is on the floor -
shattered and unrepairable for the time being.
i can't fathom how i'll make it through this one but,
i know i will.

i know the fighter inside. i know what she's capable of doing.
i know what she can handle.
i'm just not sure if she can handle it yet.
Kimberley Sep 2018
you bragged and boasted
about us and the *** we had
every time i walked by
your friends,
your silly friends would point
and stare
with my eyes glued to the gravel
under my feet, i kept moving
silly boys, disgusting boys
because little did they know
your *** story
was my **** story.
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