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  May 2022 Kimberley
We don’t see the carrots to be cut,
We see the sharp knife that could cut us.

We don’t see the bridge,
We see the other side of the railings.

We don’t see painkillers,
We see medication we could drown ourselves in.

We don’t see the train,
We see the tracks we could lay on.

We don’t see the nice view,
We see the cliff's edge we could jump off.
Kimberley Sep 2020
i think i enjoy pain a little too much. i seem to enjoy having my heartbroken. it's almost as if without the pain and hurt of heartbreak i cannot function. the words only come when i'm clutching onto hope and love and the memory of us. i guess that's why i love so deeply and freely because without love there is no pain, and without pain there are no words and without either, there is no me.
Kimberley Aug 2020
there’s a heaviness in my chest
one i can’t explain
there’s a weight  
                            -pulling me
closer and closer
                           to the bottom
closer and closer
  Jun 2020 Kimberley
i got distracted
by your laugh

so, if there was a sign
at the border,
i missed it

all i know
is now i’m in a place
called love

and all the houses
look like you
  Jun 2020 Kimberley
what would it be like to let go?
to let myself get that low...
what would it be like to jump?
to let my demons have triumph...
what would it be like to fall?
to never wake up from it all...
what would it be like to die?
to let my soul fly...
what would it be like to cease?
to let myself rest in peace...
a contemplation on mortality. i am okay.
Kimberley Apr 2020
i wrote about the beauty of his lips
and the lies which flowed from them
he's the type of man you can't stay away from
you know you need to
have to
want to
but can't
he's the type of man to manipulate first and love second
he's the type of man you fall inlove with
even when you shouldn't
Kimberley Apr 2020
thank you.

thank you for loving him
in a way i never could
in a way i refused

thank you for showing him
love is't meant to destroy
but heal

thank you for healing him
and mending him
and being patient
while he fixed
what i broke

thank you for being his anchor
thank you for never giving up on him
thank you for showing him there's good
in the world

thank you.

for taking care of
and loving
the man i love

thank you for helping him
thank you for opening his eyes
thank you for letting him know
love isn't selfish

and thank you
for everything you are
(to him)
to the woman he'll spend the rest of his life with
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