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stopdoopy Jul 2018
Expressing my feelings for you, it worries me.

How would you take it?

Is it awkward?

Are you annoyed or flattered?

I don't need you to feel the same.

I just need you to understand, what I say, feel, mean.

Drenched in two tones.

Both full of love.
And they weren't worth ****
Shane Leigh Jan 2018
I'd like to say THANK YOU to everyone in the Hello Poetry community for all of your positive vibes and wonderful comments on my poems.

"This is NOT Poetry" was a huge victory for me and I am glad to have shared my very first Daily with everyone in the HP community. It was a poem I did not think would become so very popular but I'm extremely flattered and touched that it resonated with so many of you.

So, I say THANK YOU again, I will try my hardest to make sure all of my works are worth reading for you guys.  (:

Shane Leigh
Thank you guys so much!!!
Cheyenne Sep 2015
An unknown,
Simply liking my poem.
Or so I thought.
With a look at your work,
I'm completely astonished.
So beautiful, and lovely.
The flow, and rhythm,
Absolutely wonderful.
Why then,
Is someone so talented,
With words so graceful,
Looking at work
As amateur as mine.
wraiths Aug 2015
i can't read how you really feel about me and that kills me inside. you say you care and call me all these wonderful things, but i can't help but feel you're just friends with flattery. it works on me every time, though, and i worship your words like they're my new god. i let you get away with things i know you shouldn't but you always find a way to win my heart back with the twist of your tongue. the words roll off of it so smoothly that you must've been practicing for years. too bad i've only known you for one.

[and i will not be the last.]
Breanna Stockham Jan 2015
You said the right things
You flattered and charmed
Convinced and promised
Until I was disarmed

Your words were golden
They sparkled and shined
They shined so brightly
I must have gone blind

I invested myself
In the words you sold
But all that glitters
Is not gold

I've always heard
That talk is cheap
Well my words are diamonds
And yours are free

You don't mean what you say
You don't do what you mean
Your words are free
But they're costing me
myrrh Aug 2014
You're My Foundation
My Soul does not Quiver
You, You Entice Me
Your Love Will Always Deliver
It Will Not Break
It Will Not Crumble
And Shall Never Wither

Trapped By The Chains Of Your Protection
I Do Not Dream To Flee
Now I Can't Believe
It's Just You And Me
You Have Chosen Thy
I'm Honoured
I'm Flattered
But I Am The One
That's What Mattered

Or So I Thought
You Quickly Gave Up
To Save Us, I Fought
Hate: One, Love: *Nought
Q May 2014
It takes little more than a kind word
To carry me through a month
To hold me up against battle
To force me, against trials, to triumph.

It takes little more than genuine praise
To burn a soul to memory
To lose all sense of proper speech
To fly unbound and freely.

And with a word comes a smile
I can't get it off my face
With a word comes gratitude
So potent my hands shake.

With a word comes a flattered feeling
That blossoms just under my ribs
With a word comes a jittery, happy panic
On which I cannot put a lid.

I laugh boisterously
I forget my usual frown
With a word I am lifted
And I will never come back down.
UuU thank you

— The End —