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Chris Feb 16
At some point, you have to realize
Some people stay in your heart
But can't stay in your life
Such is how live works
Love, a fickle mistress
Love, hate, one cannot exist with out the other.
For to love, one must hate
To hate, one must have loved
To love, is to set yourself up to fall
To fall in such a way, you may never get up
For see? You fall in love, and it's a trap you never escape
This year's Valentine's was brutal, let's leave it at that.
Cheyenne Sep 2015
An unknown,
Simply liking my poem.
Or so I thought.
With a look at your work,
I'm completely astonished.
So beautiful, and lovely.
The flow, and rhythm,
Absolutely wonderful.
Why then,
Is someone so talented,
With words so graceful,
Looking at work
As amateur as mine.
Randi Williams Mar 2014
midnight darkness is the evil waters
the flakes drown themselves in
they never melt
their souls do not dissolve

absorb the whispers in the pockets
the fibers of the sheets
the birds bury themselves in
it's a rainy day
so the caterpillars dance
they don't know their lives will change the second the storm clears

the words are not spoken
nor are they written
it is just a telepathic wrongness
help get untangled from the sea glass
come out with no cuts
out of your membrane
light shines and sparks
the empty holes fill with dust
the bones disintegrate
nothing is left
melodies in the wind

— The End —