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Ezra Yelverton Dec 2018
he has a darkness in him;
secrets that would leave
your heart cold.
the truth is, he’s broken.
loss is something he knows.

when you lose someone
that close to you,
you only ask for what
you need to survive without
that light.
but what you need to survive
ends up hurting you
and costing your life.

the reality is,
he was doomed from the start.
Breanna Stockham Jan 2015
You said the right things
You flattered and charmed
Convinced and promised
Until I was disarmed

Your words were golden
They sparkled and shined
They shined so brightly
I must have gone blind

I invested myself
In the words you sold
But all that glitters
Is not gold

I've always heard
That talk is cheap
Well my words are diamonds
And yours are free

You don't mean what you say
You don't do what you mean
Your words are free
But they're costing me

— The End —