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Tyrone Jun 11
I can come inspire you
Become your idol
Like I have a mansion
Built on the Bridle

I have to make a move
Come and take you down
I wanna make a movie
And sing like Chris Brown

I wanna make you work for it
So I’m putting in resistance
I’m tryna go half’s on a baby
Bring another life to existence

I just watch you undress
Spend my time fantasising
Sweat drip down your spine
The temperatures rising
Tyrone May 31
Don’t you just love the circus
A place so filled with magic
Where even if the show is new
The acts spectacularly classic

A place with lions and tigers
And the crowd roars even louder
And the art is brought to life
Like it’s sprinkled in magic powder  

Where the clown is real
Like the laughs that will follow
And your dreams are full filled
Your never left feeling hollow

The daredevils in the spotlight
Have you holding your breath
The show is so full with life
But it’s like performing with death

There is no other place like it
Where they bring magic to the surface
It’s a whole new world to discover
This is the life on the circus
Tyrone May 28
Innocent and black
Killed for no reason
We all live together
This is only treason

Another death for being black
Ahmaud and George may be gone
Now let them rest in paradise
And may we let his soul live on

Being black is not a crime
You shouldn’t have to die
This is truly sickening
Even if your white don’t lie
These are ones that have been filmed, imagine how many go unnoticed!
Tyrone May 27
For the first time in history
It’s the humans in captivity
As we’re told to stay inside
And cut down on all activity

We need to let earth heal
And repair form our damage
Its a message from god
For us to stop being savage

We are a guest on the earth
It’s the only way we can live
I hope once this is all over
We can all move on and forgive

In this time of uncertainty
Don’t think about just yourself
There are vulnerable people
Who are in very week health

If we all stick together
We can make this time better
And if you don’t understand
Just please re read this letter
Tyrone May 26
A vision behind closed eyes
Your reflection with no mirror
A world with only peace
Not a soul who wishes terror

A destination in the distance
But a clear path all the way
Your dreams are achievable
There’s nothing more to say

The dream is inside you
You just need to believe
That’s just the first step
Then you go and achieve

Once you score your first goal
You go and bag some more
And never stop achieving
Because it’s a feeling to adore
Tyrone May 26
I wanna be a rockstar
Bigger than kurt cobain
Seen a ******* runway
And shotgun her brain

She’s a model on top
And she giving her place
Let me work that body
But for now just the face

Just tryna live the lifestyle
Of being a rockstar
I’m seeing flashing lights
But I see no cop cars

Poppin all these pills
Every single night
Smoke a couple kilos
And do in the white

I seen your living nice
Your just a pop star
I need to go further
I wanna be a rockstar
Tyrone May 26
I said my year was 2020
That’s why my visions so clear
Just got out neutral
And really got my life into gear

You have to hit the floor
Before you can bounce back
And trust me I hit the floor
And I’m gunna bounce back

I took a trip to the bottom
Then seen that life is worth living
I’m ready to live my dream
That’s life with all the extra fittings

I know that I’ll make it
But right now patience is key
I’ve just got to keep going
And my success is a guarantee

I’m on my way against the odds
Im gunna prove everyone wrong
You can watch me move in silence
But you won’t hear me till I’m gone

— The End —