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love is like an ice cream
melting the strawberry feeling
in crunchy cone
it just tasted at once
but I'm addicted of it
American girls
Japanese girls
Brazilian girls
Maltese girls
Russian girls
Swedish girls
German girls

What's not to like? Races are like ice cream flavors, we all got different shades but we're on the same cone.
All of us have Sins we must atone
For our ancestors and are earlier lives
I just want to spread peace and pretend like our countries didn't fight wars in the past
Don't get me wrong, i won't forget history
But i don't plan on repeating it

Unity is like cotton candy, and i'm going to eat all of it. Everyone deserves that soft feeling inside their bones.
All races are equal. Period.
CommonStory Mar 2015
Trying to make something nifty
Life is simply
Too much at times to be handled gently
To catch the muse
And lose the sight of inspiration
Alas the same story
That we've lost before
To gain back in full stride
And then lost some more
The labored hearts' a chore
That the brain employ
Some where over the colors of the rainbow not seen by vibrant eyes
Or no eyes at all
we can sing some more in the silence the beckons the ominous feeling of living like a human being without knowing the actually meaning

The dreaded purple ice cream cone
©  copyright Matthew Marquis Xavier Donald 2015
Styles Jul 2014
Hazelnut colored eyes,
dark  liquorish hair,
bright red cherry lips,
cinnamon brown freckles,
sprinkled over your,
smooth caramel complexion,
spilling into your tightly woven
deliciously lovely  frame.

— The End —