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Asa D Bruss Jan 2018
If we have been so far away from home, yet so longing to see you
doing anything else would be far too natural.
Should I have been trying my love
a while before
and relax after listening to my Lord?
She was going through my life
With only sensation in our minds; yet
only games for anyone else.
Basking in the best wishes
from all my friends over-easy,
we were going back to see how to die
of course, but we had no intention at all
to make love with ourselves.
We only had fear. Fear for our us,
found floating in the time that was
slipping away.
Sometimes I don't know anything about you.
Other times
you could not be known more by me.
If I could fly away from the shadow
the dim sun draws on my face
as you stand on the ever-far horizon
I would.
  Apr 2015 Asa D Bruss
I wonder what goes through her head
She's like a book I've never read
The cover both enchanting and confusing me

I comment how her hair looks cute
And peel another piece of fruit
Turns out orange will rhyme with something

With pith under my finger nails
You interrupt, rebuff, regale
You said you know that I'm waiting for you

It seems the radio concurs
The DJ spins 'Venus in Furs'
As you amuse yourself to cure me

While that's less quote, more paraphrase
And now it's weeks instead of days
But you still get to stay equivocal

I'm feeling far too old to care
'Bout books and covers, pith and hair
So I'll just take it out on poetry
Asa D Bruss Apr 2015
Who want's a love poem?
A thing about some guy and some girl
and how something's just so **** blissful
or just so **** sad and dramatic?

***** that.
How about we find something we can swallow?
How about we forget our little cry-c's,
and take half a **** second
to write a **** love poem...
Ever just wanna cuss out the world?
Asa D Bruss Apr 2015
It seems I run here
as if it were a confession booth;
concerning looseness of eye or brokenness of tooth.
I find my penance here
I find my penance here
and now constantly
and concertedly I understand.
What I can see to be sin is simply a symptom
it is not the disease
and it is not a matter of debt, but lack of income.

I have taken no pleasure in my beloved.
Where is my joy? Is it not in the Lord and the fullness thereof?
I have been fighting a battle already lost.
To pursue to imbue in myself a passion
while the stone of my heart remains as a frost.
Striding for the ends to produce means has no ration.

When I read that faith without works is dead
and then pursue works to produce faith
I'm dead.
Give it a like if you need the gospel every **** day. Just one more time he's put my nose in it to make me realize.
Asa D Bruss Apr 2015
Reset pv4 pin ID add host lvl
with my broken concentration,
while the reboot computes and
command prompt prefers
and no I don't have the router,
but yes I'm an administrator.
Who is in charge,
and who is punishing me?
Superstition sends me around back into the
Ground beef while I'm repenting of my sins
to get my hard drive running smoother,
like it's a catholic father
who just gets crotchety in the presence of gigabits
and lil ***** who won't behave
and condemns this piece of crap to an early grave.
Oh, but maybe it's just I need to unscrew and then pull out and blow off and put back in...
doubting it all again and a big circle starts anew.
Just one of those days of realization.
  Apr 2015 Asa D Bruss
You could not help but fall for her
Despite warnings from every cell of your brain
You could not contain
Your curiosity
How could someone be
Different shades of different emotions
At the same time
How could someone go
From being the blazing sun
To a violent storm
In the blink of an eye
And that was the trouble with her
You could not tell the next thing she does
And there were many with a prettier face than her
And a few with soul more tender
But none that could stir
A single emotion
One look from her
Caused ripples in your soul
The longing she developed
Became insatiable
Cause she was not the caresses and soft kisses sort
She would make sure you meant
Every compliment you uttered
Before she accepted them
She would ask why
You loved her
Instead of saying I love you too
She was never just simply pretty
You know the kind you put on your shelves
For a show
She was not just one element
but the whole package
Something you had never witnessed before
She had fire
Her  feelings weaved silent poetry
All around her
And everyone who saw her could see that
Everyone but herself
Her thoughts were too loud
-loud enough to make the deaf-toned world hear them
She was reckless personified
Descending towards nothing
And you would gladly go down with her
If it only gave you  few more moments to have her look into your eyes
Black eyes
Not seeing at you
But through you
Making you unravel yourself
She could not be bound to a place
She was the wind
that ruffles your hair
caresses your skin
and sweeps your tears off your cheeks
and fly away
just like that
leaving you fixated
on that spot
waiting for her to hit you again
but she is already gone
You never wanted to love her
Yet here you are
Loving her anyway.
A buddy of mine inspired this <3
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