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lX0st Jul 2014
Your heart was never
The same shape as mine
And their collision
Only caused more pain.
I tried not to confuse
Liquor with passion
Nor convenience with love
But your lips tasted so sweet
And I longed for the rush
That only your touch could induce.
William Crowe II Jun 2014
"In a row???" I ask, incredulous.

"Nah, man."

"Were you at least #37?"

"Well, yeah. But still that gets to me," he says. He starts counting change, playing with pennies on the glass counter.

"If you didn't see it, it didn't happen," I reply. I pull out a $5.00 bill.

"That's childish!" He looks at me like I'm a babbling idiot.

"That's my life!" It was my life.

"I can't believe you sometimes," he says. Nobody can, bud.

"You better start. I'm smarter than I look." I'm bluffing now; I'm a ******* idiot.

"Yeah, yeah. Do you wanna buy anything or not?" he goes back to his pennies on the glass counter.

"Yeah--Marlboro Reds," I reply hesitantly. For a moment I thought about Camels.

"$5.00 even." It's always $5.00 even when you're with friends.


"Shorts or 100s?"

"****, man, shorts!" It's my turn to look at him like he's a total stranger.

"Just asking." He puts the bill in the register.

"Shorts say badass. 100s say suicide mission."

"I suppose you're right."

"It makes perfect sense!"

"Either way you're going to die."

"Yeah? So are you, buddy."


I exit the convenience store, pack my Marlboro Reds, turn two up (one for luck, one for ****, to be smoked lastly out of the pack) and light one.
Aizzur Festejo May 2014
Oh! Smart Bro. How convenient of you
Cool, fast, smooth, everything is in you
So much that even gadgets love you
And the reason for us choosing you.

The reason why my assignments made it through
The reason why I can watch movies and new
The reason for my techie life's blue
Is because of me relying to you.

Too bad, it didn't last a year or two
Being quick and smooth stopped too
Now, I had enough of you
Shall we buy another and discard you?
Random ones from January 29, 2012

— The End —