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Sometimes I want to confess
How much I depend on a substance
To write something fresh and new
Something built on drunken faith and chance
Build my sonnet to rhyme
In my drunken stupor
My words founded on the dime
And the meaning without who, for
An unsung meaning to her
Him be bewildered
And world be condescending
What the two want together
Be condescending
As if I can describe
The feeling I burn to identify as mine
eve Jan 2019
You were the sun to my moon,
While dark eclipses constantly revolved around,
You appeared and mended me whole again.
When the waves came crashing in,
You were the one I ran to,
Despite the abyss, anchoring my faith,
You stood by my side.
I could never pay you back for tossing,
A lifesaver, indeed.
Abandoned by the sea, and hidden in the shadows,
Even, neglected by sunlight,
Baby boy, you wired the spark in my eyes,
Restarted the heart I obtained deep within,
Something I could possibly never fathom to exist,
You did that, you filled that void with happiness.
So pure,
No one would ever imagine a face,
Be taken away,
So suddenly, too quick.
You were the joy I desired,
I held you in my arms so tight,
You were finally mine,
I felt ever so complete.
Just when life felt right,
I was struck by lightning,
A storm swept the happiness and ease.
Though laying lifeless,
You and I were finally reunited.
My sweet little boy, lay lifeless,
A child like this should never rest in a casket.
Roo Feb 2016
Do not
send me to sleep
with my fears.

may be the key
to my heart,
but the journey is
made clear with
gas lights.

Let be me sad.
Do not make me feel guilty.

My face is blue.
the sky
reflects off my pain
that is
mirrored in the

I am mistaken
for water
when the land is
I mistake you for
the fisherman who
claims to
adore me.
I wrote these little bits for some pages in my drawing journal.
JDK Nov 2015
I suffer from a disease that goes by the name of Loneliness.
It's an ancient affliction;
some sick kind of curse,
and those who know it best often boast: it's the worst.

But every now and then,
I look around me to see some fat cow in the company of a dead-eyed chudd -
spewing out a slew of inanities for lack of the cud.
He finally shuts her up with a kiss on the mouth,
as they walk off hand in hand.

I think to myself:
"How in the hell did they find a cure,
but I can't?"
Then I go over the middle lines of this poem again and think,
"Oh. Right . . . "
svdgrl Jul 2015
Where does it lie?
It's either throwing sand
or digging holes.
It's either loyalty
or tainted souls.
Proclaimed neutrality.
I call bs.
It's fear wrapped up
in indifference.
Can't let them know
that you're watching them.
Scoffing, bitter
when you're really wanting,
when you're really loving.
you're better than ill.
You see a shrink.
You've never been still.
I try to accept those in places
I used to be.
You try to forget
you were ever less-
running from one end
to the other.
They're bad,
and you're good.
With no in-betweens.

— The End —