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Devin Ortiz Nov 2016
White skin
Black blood
Devil's curls
Eyes that pierce

You couldn't pick me from the crowd
And say that I was black
But I'll be **** sure, you're aware of that

I've got a chip on my shoulder
With a furrowed brow
And vendettas whispered from the graves

Silence was compliance
Now I'm screaming loud
Frank Ruland Aug 2014
Sh sh sh sh...

Ghosts in my gray
Haunting this hallway
Start to dissipate.

Sh sh sh sh...

Whispers in the dark
Voices so stark
Made to hark.

Sh sh sh sh...

Inside clamor
Brain feels hammered
Start to    stammer.

Sh sh sh sh...

Phantoms roll off the tongue
Their echoes flung
Schism unsung.

Sh sh sh sh...

Falling away
With every word they say
Not    myself today.

Sh sh sh sh...

Feel I'm possessed
Besieged and aggressed
Their words opress.

Sh sh sh sh...

Just want some silence
A little compliance
So please just be QUIET.

Sh sh sh sh...
Jwala Kay May 2014
These hot Summer days
I wake up condescending
the ticking clocks.
Ariana Sweeney Apr 2014
We’re all slaves
To a fluorescent screen
Forgetting to search
For our personal being

Accepting stillness
Embracing a mold
Forever doing
What we’ve always been told

Nothing is new
Repeating the past
Creating things
That’ll never last

So we sit and stare
Blank as can be
No longer looking
For what we can't see
First poem on this site!

— The End —