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Jwala Kay Sep 2016
Got off my head
Ran along the end
Fell into my heart
Jwala Kay Aug 2016
If only time could be blamed
for every time a sweet love dies,
then all the clocks would cry rivers
for even the skies cannot measure
a lost lover's pain.
Let me calm down to the sanctity of love.
Jwala Kay Aug 2016
She loves you like every poetry told
and gets lost as the stories unfold
while you give her heart the paper cuts.
Every. Single. Time.
Jwala Kay Jul 2016
When I love, I exist.

However, when my love is not welcome, I don't cease to stand a fight. I demand where I invest. But I have my ego tuned to know when it's not worth any struggle anymore.
**** boy, you lifted me up and spurned all those butterflies with your touch of lips, and now you are nowhere when I need you the most. I should be able to understand that. Be it that you are simply a coward and that I was blinded or that's denial from my side, maybe. Denial of the evidence of love not being able to carve the same in you. I should have been awake. Awake when your lies mesmerized and dosed me with the temporary pleasure. Now my skin is thick. It had the temperature riot. I may not forget the pain and cry from time to time but I will learn to survive all those li'l heartaches that kills me soft. I will move on. I will smile and greet another stranger. I will win in love and life.

Say peace (ira).
Jwala Kay Jul 2016
Kiss me awake.
I shall feel the touch
caressing through
my skin.
and my dreams
Kiss me cold.
I shall see you
through the
pain and joy.
Kiss me love.
And I shall stand
by your side
'til the end.
Jwala Kay Jun 2016
Maybe if my pursuit
of love hadn't stopped
at your presence
then I would have dared
and gone through my life
and loved the idea of you
Jwala Kay Apr 2016
She puts aside the makeup kit,
and Jimmy Choos in the vault
cranking over her beatbox
as she smiles her troubles away;
fixes herself a drink or two,
walks into her den and
runs her Netflix marathon
and calls it a day.
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