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Jan 2018
I have had enough of you!
I know I am not alone
There are millions suffering
And someday you’ll atone.
At some point the silence
You enjoy so much will end
And you and your cohorts
Will not have a single friend.

You insist you’re a Christian
Then cheat and lie and steal.
Point to all the good people
And claim their values aren’t real.
You gather with other creeps
And dress up very expensively
Then spend your stolen loot
On lavish living extensively.

Some of you may have made
A study of which things to quote
Of your badly interpreted religion
And memorize them by rote
So you can spew them back
And claim you are a greatly pious
Man or woman of God’s grace.
That’s how you buy some of us.

You pump us full of falsehoods
Blame everyone but yourselves
And demand we go right on
Working as your mindless elves.
Meanwhile you take apart the good
That we have tried to do before.
You lie and claim you are helping us
And too many of us don’t keep score.

That will not go on forever because
Not all of us are raging fools.
We will turn on you and beat you
With all the appropriate tools.
We will cast you out to the coventry
You forced us into all these years.
You'll rage at us with no result.
You will understand living in fear.
Brent Kincaid
Written by
Brent Kincaid  Kapaa, Kaua'i, Hawaii
(Kapaa, Kaua'i, Hawaii)   
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