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Bede Sep 2019
Did I assume, when writing last night
Amidst pain of fire and sweat
That Love would flee, would have strucken me,
As if they blood in my body's bereft?

I am never going to find another
No, never, not anyone so great
Your love for me may have faltered
But my love for you will stand 'gainst fate.

You'll always be the one who struck my
Heart and soul afire with flames
Of love and sweetened, kindly devotion
Even if one of our loves' to wain.

Never forget me, never forsake me
Please keep me in your mind
For maybe love will ferment again
When I am given the trials of time.

Oh God, my Lord, what have You done?
What can I do to remedy?
You made me fall so madly in love,
My life, You have taken from me?

Follow me, stick to me, never leave
Your heart may not be mine
But mine will forever be owed to you
And will stand the test of time.
She left me, I failed her, she didn't see me as worthy, and I will never forget her.
Grizzo Mar 2015
father's grandfather,

all died
by the blade.

Father's grandfather
fell fighting one hundred.

fell fighting too.

fell fighting as well,

while protecting his
wounded troop.

All these men
put up a fight,

they did what they
had to do

It runs in our veins,
we stay the same,

destined to do
what we do.

Our grandmothers hug
our grandchildren,

while they still can

tell their sons
when they're old
enough to use
a blade

so one day,
whenever my son

asks where father
went off to

tell him
it runs in our veins

tell him
I will see
him soon.
I had a completely different poem planned for this theme, but the words started doing their own thing. The struggle is real. The blade calls!

— The End —