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Sam M Gladen Jul 2017
It's been a long time coming,
These feelings deep inside,
Bursting forth,
Willing themselves into the world
To change the way we see,
The relationship between,
You and me.

I hate your stupid ******* face.
Sam M Gladen May 2016
Living* is hard
Dying is easy
The easy things aren’t worth doing
And the hard things are best done drunk.
Sam M Gladen May 2016
I am obsessed with those who came before me
The men and women who wrote the words better
Expressed themselves more freely
And truly understood what it was to be alive.
Finally started writing again. Learnt to take the expectation out and just see where the page takes me. Stay tuned for more
Sam M Gladen Feb 2016
******* for telling me you liked me
******* for making me fall for you
******* for leaving

But mostly **** me
For caring about you still.
Sam M Gladen Mar 2015
I'm sorry.
I love you.
I'll never leave.
I'll try harder.
I'm lying to you.
Run far and fast.
Cause I'm falling for you.
Sam M Gladen Jan 2015
Every time you leave me,
You take a piece of my heart,
But for all the pain,
I'd gladly hand you a chisel and show you where to start.
Sam M Gladen Jan 2015
If only you knew,
The beautiful things we could do,
If you just opened your heart,
To me.

If only you could see,
What a beautiful thing,
Going through life as we,
Could be,

But we is just a dream,
That is forever fleeting,
Our lives once intertwined,
Now seem to diverge as if,
They were two roads in a wood,
Coming close but never touching,

I will always wait for the day,
When our roads converge,
And we can stay,
Forever touching.
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