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Ruheen Dec 2019
Let bygones be bygones
But when the blood is on your hands
You win some
You lose some
And then it goes wrong

Let bygones be bygones
Forget it even happened
But memories
And feelings
Don't fade away so easily

Let bygones be bygones
But when it goes wrong
It's your weight to bear
You will lose it all
Because life isn't fair.
You can forgive, never forget. It's a constant loop in your head. A reminder, to never make that same mistake again.
Rafał Aug 2018
Let bygones be bygones,
Don’t want to be an icon,
I’d rather make time
For the things that are vital
I’ve been running on fumes
How I love her perfumes
Kiss her on the neck,
Tell her about the brand new
Don’t get it confused
The apartment’s empty
And I’ve been on a journey
The voices getting blurry
The love has probably perished
The moments that we cherish
Forever as a memory, but

I’m losing track,
I woke up early mornin’
Covered in sweat
Oh, I got a smartphone,
I’m so fond of that
But nobody calls me
And nobody texts
The laptop’s always on
I never turn it off
That artificial light
Always has to glow;
Counting hours till the dawn
And the time is moving slow
I’m forever getting bored
And my interests become torn

But thats the simplicity, though
Thats the simplicity, though
Is the simplicity better I don’t know,
You ask me where I’m headed,
I don’t know.

— The End —