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Ezar Co Jan 2020
What's happening to this world
When we are no longer safe?
What'll be the look of the world
When crime victims can't escape?

Our country is getting haunted
And filled with ghosts along the way.
Some children were caught and faded,
No space for us to make us stay.

Too much shadows that we afraid of
When darkness has been invaded us.
They sneaking out like a hungry wolf,
Taking their chance but no one sees us.

This place was occupied by the wicked,
A place where we are not much protected.
When will immorality be ended?
Who will fight for the justice that's needed?
December 10, 2019
Ezar Co Jan 2020
It was the day of commencement.
Feel through the people's excitement.
Another chapter would be ended,
To our journey that's been amended.

It could have happened once,
But it is our lives' significance.
As we find our own balance,
We started to move in advance.

When the ceremony is over,
Celebration would be at supper.
But the blues came over,
And happiness had been covered.

Never feel the great day,
No adorned gifts to display,
No fun to make us stay,
Just a sky full of gray.

Too much things to depress,
Always been such a mess.
Heartache through my chest,
I just have nothing to express.
September 28, 2019
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