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k y Jan 2016
No one in the world could ever compare to her eyes,
they were green and brown and deceiving.
She'd stand tall in her confident frame and smile.
Oh her smile, there was nothing more beautiful and deadly.
Everything she did had a purpose
none of which came from the kindness of her heart.
She loved so hard that was her plan,
love hard **** harder.

One word and the room stops,
She takes you by the neck and slowly
gently squeezes all the air out of you.
And you have no choice but to love every second of it.
If you're lucky, she'll love you,
If you were luckier, she wouldn't.
You'd be left with agonizing thoughts of why she never did
but at least, you'd be saved from the pain of knowing why she did.

An old piece of writing that was actually supposed to be part of a story decided to use a little part and tweak it into a poem.
Dawn Richardson Jan 2016
Abandoned playthings rot in isolation,
You toyed with me and left me for broke.
I’d **** you if I could, but you have disarmed me.
Naked and exposed, you dirtied me with your deviant desires.
Back and forth, I thought we swung higher, until the cherry bump threw me from your chains of love.
Up and down on the teeter totter, faster and harder, my legs broke for you.
I sat in the middle of your merry-go-round, but you spun so fast I could not keep hold of you and landed on splintered wood chips.
Bleeding and scarred, I limped from your playground unwillingly.
Why weren’t you labeled condemned?

Molly Nixon Nov 2015
I warned you, son.
"Don't break her heart."
Now you think about that while I rip you apart.

I don't know what it is you seek,
but my sister is out of your league.
Failed to see how lucky you were.
Did not heed my warning when you texted her

What kind of ***** breaks up via texting?
The same little ***** that thinks bussing is flexing.
She'll move onto better, just for a toy.
She won't wait long for a mere busboy.

I could go on forever about things that you lack.
Like, interest, money, a life, a six-pack.
You'll never be good enough for my little sister,
but I hope she's moved on when you realize you've missed her.
M Clement Sep 2015
A bitter ****-fest of lollapalooza.
Burn(ing) me, man. but don't taze me, bro.

If I got high on legalized substances, am I still escaping?
Metaphoric endorphin rushing as patio furniture sits silently,
slowly choking as I fill it with my own ***.

I haven't written in so long, because I lack some passion.
I haven't written verbal joust in the form of bitter tongue because I felt it lacked restraint.

I ****** with a straight jacket; it felt great.
Perpetual virginity, a fool's errand running.
I have my V-card still; kind of... it's stunning.

I left a can of gasoline at an alien's house.
I came back and fire had engulfed what was left of my sorrows.

"I thirst," said He, the savior of the world.
Let's all ignore the singing signs of everything, boys... girls...

I have not a word to say in recompense for exploitation of your idiotic murmurings.
Well done, my good and faithful burdenings.

I can't speak to what hasn't yet been said,
but I can sure as hell guestimate, that we'd probably all be dead.

This **** ain't free.
Thank you, Kendrick Lamar, for reminding me.

This is me unfettered.
This is me unchained.
Give me a pen and some paper:
this **** will get strange.

I am Fred Astaire with a **** so fine, you'd think it's aged wine the way it twirls and floats.

Breaking up is ******, now put this poem down your throat.
I just went with whatever came to my mind with each line. I hope it was enjoyable.
Erin Sep 2015
Winter is over, and so are we,
the soft sunbeams of spring, I am beginning to see,
I am dusting the shelves, and sweeping the floors,
packing you up; sending you out the door.
Our autumn was lovely, but our winter was not,
after you broke my heart and we cried and we fought.
I thought you meant it when you said forever
when it only lasted from June to September.
I sweep away cobwebs of sweet words you whispered,
crumple up noted now regarded as litter.
I throw back the curtains and strong light streams in
I throw out the lover I know I won't win.
My house is clean, and in a way, so am I,
as I move on from you and hold my head high.
A new chapter of life I am ready to meet,
so I set you out with the bins on the street.
September 20, 2015 /itsjusterin
I remember the first time I saw him
If I'd only knew then how he'd leave me feeling so grim
But I fell for his good looks and how he acted proper and prim
I thought he loved me just as much as I loved him
But he left me drowning when I thought we were going to swim

Left me alone in the dark
Took all of life's spark
When he told me he was leaving and I had no remark
And watched his back as he disembarked
on another journey with another girl
Leaving no part of me unmarked
No part of my heart unscared

I'll always remember him
He was my first crush
He was my first love
Andhe was the one who rendered
me useless to the world
But he has moved on
And so must I
With *Him
TigerEyes Sep 2015
September is the month love flew by
said good-bye
bye-bye-bye --
that's all I remember
about the rain in September
the rain rushing by with the wind
the wind, and the rain blowing the clouds to good-bye
pushing our love to good-bye
just like our love that flew bye
just like a bird flying high
I was too tired of your lies
and, the way you looked at me
the whole time you wanted to be
free, free, free
wish I could have seen
happier days with me
but it was not meant to be.

And now that you've vanished/ you're gone --
all that I have to say our these words that I've said today
in this song --
I wish that we could have gone on

but I've moved past September
toward the good days I remember
but those days are all gone--
and, I've moved on --
Yes, I've had to move along
Yes, September is the month love flew bye
it was the month I said good-bye
good-bye to you, and I ---.
This poem is copyrighted and stored in author base. All material subject to Copyright Infringement laws
Section 512(c)(3) of the U.S. Copyright
Act, 17 U.S.C. S512(c)(3), Krisselle S. Cosgrove  September 1st, 2015
Douglass Aug 2015
I took my glasses off, because crying always clouds them

And I'd rather see you blurry and raw
than blurry with glass between us.

I thought I would look much
more collected
more mature
more together

If I stood, arms crossed, glasses
planted firmly
Don't cry
Don't cry

But I still ran after
your car, when you turned
out of my sight

And made you stop for one last

When you were behind the wheel
In my sights for the last time
as someone I was allowed
to touch
to feel
to be

I turned my back,
lit my cigarette,
Like in the movies;
Don't cry
Don't cry
Don't cry

And I started walking
to the sound of your car
walking the other way.
When you finally have to stop being intimate with your ex, and it feels like you're breaking up all over again. I experienced this tonight, for the second time in my life. I'm going to be okay.
Douglass Aug 2015
Have you ever witnessed
such flawlessly executed
blissful ignorance?

Who are you, and why
have I brought you here?

13 days--just shy of two weeks;
and here you are.
The paint hasn't dried
the pain
still damp to the touch

Pressing eager fingers
still results in
pretty residue, that
leaves fingerprints on every subsequent touch

And, dry,

Pressing eager fingers
still results in
***** flakes, that
reject fingerprints altogether

So why
have I brought you here?
To watch paint dry?
Leave while it's wet,
save yourself the water
it takes to wash your hands

Save yourself the time
it takes to wash your soul
from the presence of

such flawlessly executed
blissful ignorance.
Words about break-ups and that weird feeling when you've already found someone new so soon. Is this a rebound? Is this just where you should have been all along? God, who knows
kkhaehae321 Jul 2015
As I wait for your message,
impatience pulling at my skin,
my flesh memories become more defined,
and I see you reflected in my eyes.

I begin to cry silently,
guilt pervading my mind.

Who knew I was such a monster,
who knew you'd stop calling me "mine".

I foolishly let my anger vaporize my rational state of mind,
and I resorted to that frustration at that time.

Like an ocean, whose eerie waves hungrily pull at the sand,
my emotions drift away slowing into an ocean of insanity.

Continuous is the flow of emotions,
continuous are the fights and arguments.

And along with the waves, I pull you,
farther and farther into the ocean,
stretching your tolerance to the fullest.

If it hadn't been for my foolishness things would still be ok.

But no.

I ruined it.

Over and over again.

Alas I'm stuck here, drowning in the ocean, confronting my fate.

You look at me apologetically, pity sweeping over your face.

I make no struggle as the ocean engulfs me,
pulling me away from you.

You begin to swim towards me, and the ocean begins to pull at you too.

Who knew this love could be so catastrophic,
so demanding.

I'm sorry.

As you grow nearer in my peripheral vision,
the ocean gives one last pull and I'm gone.

Finally, the ocean calms down.
Finally, you can be happy alas.
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