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  Aug 2016 Molly Nixon
Megan Nixon
Poems aren't stories, but I'll tell you one anyway
This tale isn't a happy one, so be warned if you stay
I met a boy, it was about a year back
I thought he was funny, but it wasn't much more than that
I spent three months chasing a different boy, I thought he was quite the find
Little did I know that the first boy; I was always on his mind
And so came the time where I gave up on boy number two
For a while I kept to myself, I still didn't think about you
Then suddenly one day, I opened my eyes
And after that you stood out from all other guys
I made a brave move, and I dared you to play
You were up for the game, but I didn't know if you'd stay
It only took one move, our romance rolled into action
I'd sneak into your house, we craved that passion
It didn't take long for you to slip that big word
But the word "girlfriend" was the happiest thing I'd ever heard
Now listen here, this may sound silly
But you were my first, and I couldn't help but worry
Come the end August, I knew you'd have to leave
College isn't something we could take on with ease
But you wrote that letter, I believed every promise you said
I believed in them so much, I memorized them in my head
"Don't forget about me, I know I won't forget about you"
You thought I was lying, but I remember that line too
It wasn't easy, but I say we did pretty well
Little did I know we were headed for hell
College is a busy place, school takes up a lot of time
But for your girlfriend, a lot of that time was mine
I'd hear from you less, and you'd apologize when you could
So I'd just smile and forgive you like I knew that I should
I knew what I was getting into, I was prepared for the fights
He thought he was too, but not for the lonely nights
Ill bet you didn't see this next one coming, it's such a plot twist
He texted me one night, this boy that I missed
He texted me, the boy I didn't notice for a very long time
He texted me, the boy who I now labeled as mine
He texted me, the boy I dared to play a game
He texted me, the boy who said he'd always feel the same
He texted me, the boy who I'd sneak out to see
He texted me, the boy whom I loved, with that he'd agree
He texted me to tell me a relationship wasn't going to last
And suddenly, in four text messages you became a thing of the past
He texted me. No, he did not call
And because of that, my world began to fall
But wait it's not over, don't walk away
I've realized something, and it's something I'd like to say
I don't care who reads this, the audience should be unclear
Didn't you notice, I used the word 'you' in places you shouldn't hear
There's only one person who I care about reading this
And I want him to know something, my last opportunity was missed
I do not hate you, but I do hate this one part
It's the only thing I hate, it's straight from the heart
I hate that you couldn't stand up to me, I hate that you couldn't even call
But you know what else, I hate that I still don't hate you
I don't hate you at all
Molly Nixon Aug 2016
On the verge of self disgrace
I just can't wait to leave this place
Even if it's just mere weeks
This town won't hold the things I seek
I want to be a better me
To write my new reality
And though it brings anxiety
I'll shed my skin, the inside you'll see
Independent financially,
A soul unchained that must go free
I'm dripping with vitality
I urge on, accepting brutality
I finally found my inspiration
Confident, full of motivation
With determination, through and through
I will move forward, bold and true.
Molly Nixon Jun 2016
This beat's got some heat,
The sound of elite
Then a rhythm so discreet
Love in a sound, brings you to your feet
Feel the bass pound
Then something's been found
The wings to your heart as they stretch out
You wonder if such a feeling's allowed
Oh, the sound! It's the best
Your heart soars out of your chest and you feel the momentum
You hear the words and know who wrote them, meant them
These are the moments where you love how you spent them
And much like the way a firework burns
The moment is gone and your heart returns
You may forget the wonderful color
But remember the sound as you've heard no other
Molly Nixon Nov 2015
I warned you, son.
"Don't break her heart."
Now you think about that while I rip you apart.

I don't know what it is you seek,
but my sister is out of your league.
Failed to see how lucky you were.
Did not heed my warning when you texted her

What kind of ***** breaks up via texting?
The same little ***** that thinks bussing is flexing.
She'll move onto better, just for a toy.
She won't wait long for a mere busboy.

I could go on forever about things that you lack.
Like, interest, money, a life, a six-pack.
You'll never be good enough for my little sister,
but I hope she's moved on when you realize you've missed her.
Molly Nixon Nov 2015
Prepare for battle, rally the troops.
Don't test someone with nothing to lose.
That's just my advice, you'll do as you choose.
Don't be sad to see go the people you've used.
You set off the bomb that you should have diffused.
Please just don't speak; we don't want an excuse.
This is the end result of when your employer promotes someone less qualified than you.
  Nov 2015 Molly Nixon
Hanna Mae Mata
There is no such thing
as a bad writer,
just one who isn't sad
- not sad enough.
Molly Nixon Nov 2015
Don't ask the gambler about where the cards fall,
Not only will he bet against you, he will bet it all.
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