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dlx Aug 2016
I like the way you are
I like every single things you do
I like the way you move your way out
I like the way you stare something
I like the way you explain sonething you love
I like the way you hold your breath and laugh at the same time when the teacher is coming
I like the way you blooming up my mind
watering my brain with lots of flowers
And soon it'll become a woods,
Birds singing, lion roaring, and the deep voice of a rainy forest,
And the glooming of a river flows
Make me wanna stay forever young and with you,
cause you're beautiful and you know it.

I like the way you miss
I like the way you love
I like the way you need
I like the way you see

- dlx
dlx Aug 2016
I know now,
Why people always saying like this in a film,
"You can buy everything except the love,"
Well, now I know
What the meaning of itself,
Love is not buyable because indeed,
Love is free
Love costs nothing
Love applies to everyone, no exceptions.
Then why besides there,
Mostly girls always saying like this,
"No way. My love is expensive, ya know?!"
Well, I'm a girl
And I know exactly what it means,
We say like that stuff because we don't want you to give us a billion dollars Chanel bag, we don't want you to build us a mansion, and we don't need your cash cash.
We just wanted a love by yours. A true love and a pure hearts of us.
If you boys can give us love, just love, we don't need those money and bills.
But nowadays, I don't know why everygirl wanted their boys to give them a tiffany n co every anniversary.
Well, if you want to talk about it,
I'm sorry I can help.

- dlx
dlx Jun 2016
Meet someone in a perfect timing and a perfect reason is everyone's wishlist
But the reality is just *****
There's no coincidence at all
If you want to meet, just say it
If you miss him, just call him
If you need, just ask
If you love him, just let him know the truth

Well, I believe in a quote ;
"Coincidence. That's an explanation used by fools and liars."
Well, lately I've been finding a lot of dating app
Which always say that meeting someone is just easy as downloading the app, faster than you think.
Just wow
You can't just easily trust anybody among their social media, like
Photos, status, bio, that's all lies
They just wanted to prove that they have a good apperance so they can get a lot of chats
But it's okay, 'cause at least they try an effort.

Besides there, I believe in quote ;
"People fall in love in a mysterious ways, maybe just a profile picture on instagram."
We don't know right?
We all do

I'm just waiting here and hoping that there's a coincidence will come to me.

- dlx
dlx Jun 2016
This feeling isn't even real
If it's real,
Where's the side of making it's real?
Where's the reality?
Where's justice?
When I gave you my heart, will was rewarded with the heart as well?
If it's not, what I'll be repaid with?
It's so confusing,
Knowing you more than you know yourself
While you don't know me, even my name, or at least heard of it
If in the end I have to be with someone else, not you
This feeling in my deep deepest heart
It won't disappear
It will continue to grow
I can't just **** 'em
I just can't
And I just don't want to.

And it won't gonna change
It lasts forever, in my deepest heart.
Because you are my first ever,

- dlx
dlx Jun 2016
I miss you
I don't know why
But true, I just do.
We don't even know each other
We don't even know anything about us
We even still ask each other questions about who we are
We didn't even talk to each other, looked at, or meet
But somehow you are always there whenever I need you
You might not ever present now, to held me like what others think about us.
But someday, maybe it could happen
But now is now, tomorrow is tomorrow, and then let it be a distant memory.
What I feel this may be hard to guess by anyone, like they know everything about love, they thought they're pro
But when they found out about this, whether they still remain as a pro?
It seems big no.
Because this feeling is indeed hard to understand, even you, or me.
No one understands,
Until it makes me like this.

- dlx
dlx Jun 2016
Something in you is just so perfect.
The way I look at you, like the way I looking at the sky.
I feel so blessed.
And when I smile at you is like I watching the galaxies moves.
And when your browny eyes meets my coffee eyes, is like I can feel the outer space spinning around,
And when we talk, everything that slipped through out your mouth, making me can feel the gaze of the sun.
All at once.

You just so beautiful to me.
Not in the way you look or the way you set me on fire.
It's just you,
The way you are making you beautiful.
I never regret to meet you.
If in the end I feel regret, I hope that's not a farewell.

When we laugh together,
When we talk eye to eye.
And when you feel the same exact way as I am,
Even you can guess what I really feel without I'm telling you what happen first,
It feels like I'm flying in the sky of New York City at night with my own wings,
And when it happens,
I feel like I'm the best girl in the world.
All the girls must have felt jealous of me because of what you did to me.
And I don't even care about love when I'm with you.
Really, it seems so perfect when our eyes meet and it blinks quirky.
I love every little things that we do.
I don't care if it's harmful or even dangerous or make other thinks that we're idiots.
I don't give a **** about it.
When it comes to you, it makes me feel realized how great this life.
I feel like,
Only you can make me feel what I want to feel.
I have nothing to hide or be pretentious calm in front of you.
Because when I'm with you, I can be myself and I'm proud of it.
Yeah, you make me proud of who I am.
Only you, can make me feel like this.

Even you know I love someone else (him),
You always act like you don't care.
It's like not a really big deal for you.
I don't know why you treat me like this.
Treat me like I want to be treated by him.
But you always here, for me.
For making me smile, laugh, and happy again.

I just hope that it will last forever.
Wherever I go, wherever we go,
No matter what decision we'll make tomorrow,
You have to promise me that you will always be like this,
Be my friend, be my best friend, my best ever friend that I've ever had.
I don't know who we are when people wants us to love each other,
Not about friends but more than that.
Ew I won't let it happen,
Because I know how easy to flip the feelings for a sec even we've builded it for years.
I know how awkward the situation would be.
I know how hard everything will change by just a sec.
So please, don't you ever change.

yours best partner,
dlx Jun 2016
Whenever you feel tired,
Just breath.
Whenever you need a hugs but you can't get one,
Just breath.
Whenever you feel give up,
Just breathe.
Whenever you wanted to lose yourself,
Just breath.
Whenever you get upset or mad,
Just breath
Whenever you think that you've already gave your best but you failed,
Just breathe.
Whenever you feel unsave,
Just breathe.
Whenever you need someone to talk to but people are just *****,
Just breath.

Don't drive your heart, baby.
Just don't.
Give yourself a little space,
A little break,
And a rest.
Your mind, heart, and mental can sick too.
Take care of them just like the cells keep you healthy everyday even every beat of your heart.

Just breath yourself in.

- dlx

— The End —