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Viji Vishwanath Nov 2019
When I seen the purple blooming tree from a distance,
It attracted me to have a look with no distance..

And that sight was of immense pleasure,
Which filled my heart with full of love treasure...

That tropical trees are known as jacarandas,
And also the tree world’s spring stars...

That breath taking flowers are pretty enough to describe in word dilemma,
And that magnificent purple blue blooms resembles as an elegant umbrella...

And the fallen petals makes way for a dazzling display of unimpeded purple haze,
Which looks like a lavender carpet at a quick gaze...

As flowers are regarded as a symbol of love, beauty and a gift of nature,
Are thus used to provoke love and happiness with its power to make us cheer....

Let us all love this nature’s blessings forever,
To make it a never ending full bloom ever....
Purple blooms or lavender carpet. (Choice is yours)
Eloisa Jul 2019
My dreamland’s gateway
opens up a gorgeous field of flowers
And there at its center proudly sways
In stripy purplish-pink is a handsome wildflower
I do adore those wild and free
though I love all kinds of blooms and hold no preference
And when I saw him in his fragrant sanctuary
I felt a kind of reverence
And among those beauty of its kind
I surely won’t forget
The sweetest moment when he smiled
The wondrous time when we’ve first met
annieohk Jul 2019
In my garden
I drink in the beauty of the blossoms
Like one lost in the desert
Searching for the water of life
For a few moments
The sweet fragrance and sunlit hues
Block out an ugly world
And I am at peace...
Anastasia Jul 2019
When I die
I want
Roses to bloom
From beneath my grave
Violets and blue-bells
And emerald grass
Blooms in my memory
Is all that I ask
And Daffodils
And pink -petaled lilies
Ruby-like flowers
Amethyst strokes
Perhaps pearls
I'm my resting place
Would be lovely
Remember me
Eloisa Jun 2019
Vivid in the green
Shades of purple, pink and blue
Sparkling hydrangeas
Queens of the rainy season
So mystical and special
Paper flowers bloom
Lush Fuchsia bougainvillea
Cover the arbour
Masha Yurkevich Mar 2019
Be that
one flower that
in the mud.
You can't always
where you want to,
but you can
wherever life puts you.
In muddy waters
Divine and pure, lotus blooms
Leaves shimmer dirt free
eleanor prince Dec 2018
blooms sweet
rains savage
decayed mush

earth's alarm
cycles hard
hands damage

bind thugs
stifle stench
embrace Maker
experimenting with succinct verses... constructive critiques welcome!
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