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Anais Vionet Jul 5
What must it be like to be male? To live with an overclocked metabolic system that’s always on the lookout for brazen and unmistakable propositions - like a smile or a "please pass the salt."

I mean, at times we all have those feelings - primitive as oil -  but not the constant, fast forward, high density need that males seem to live with.

It must be like wrestling a trapped demon.
A satire suggesting that it must be tiring to be male  =]
Cox Apr 2020
The softest of pinks,
Much tougher than you think.
Upon seeing shades of red,
You’d think that they’ve seen nothing but the dead.
They endure new blooms,
Garden grooms,
Pinches from males,
Often a bouquet of sales.
The colour pink,
Was more beautiful than you think.
Julie Grenness Sep 2016
Here is the primal male to keep,
Food, TV, ***, sport and sleep,
All this under the carpet we sweep,
Really no need for chicks to weep,
Our brains have more thoughts to keep,
That's why women need far more sleep,
Compared to our primal males we keep,
Food, TV, ***, sport, and sleep,
That's the way males are,
Definitely originate from Mars!
Feedback welcome.
Why my darling are you so blue?
Was it that boy who said he didn't love you?
Remember my darling that he's only a boy.
There's many more out there, who would love to see your joy.
You have to find the right one and when you do.
You'll be glad you went with someone new.
Someone besides this monster who broke your heart.
Someone who will give you a brand new start.
Francie Lynch May 2015
It was suggested to me
I should read a great book:
Why Do Men Lie.
My response was,
*Why Do Men Do Anything.
Tim Russel May 2015
I love *****, big and small, I love *****, best of all.

I think ***** are lots of fun, I think ***** are number one.

I think ***** are really neat, they make me want to beat my meat.

I love ***** covered in lace, I love ***** rubbing my face.

I love ***** in leather black, those are huge, do they hurt your back?

I love ***** in bras of silk, make me want to say "got milk"?

I love ***** in a college dorm, and in a nurse's uniform.

I love ***** in tight red sweaters, or stretching against a t-shirt's letters.

I love ***** in t-shirts wet, hey you with the nice *****, have we met?

I love ***** in skimpy swim wear, I'm sorry, I can't help but stare.

I saw your cleavage from above, with your ***** I am in love.

Your ***** are giving me a ******, I'll have my pants off in a jiffy.

Your ***** have given me an *******, I want to do them without protection.

Your ***** have made me want to **** them. I even want to *****-**** them.
I had to write this....

i had to get it off my chest
Perri Dec 2014
The worthiness of me to men is non-existent
so I will share you my resentment

A man came into my life
When I wasn't worthy to others
Yet he saw the beauty in me
We would lay in the tall grass
Silent but the breeze
The sun warming our naked bodies
All of this comes with ease
The end is inevitable
First love, so genuine and pure
forever will be searching because
this aching soul craves a cure

Next was a man
Who was calmer than the sea
So few word's spoken
Never to be seen around with me
Weekends of whisky
Not to leave my room
Dancing naked, playing records
I knew I was temporary
I knew it was doomed

Then there was a college boy
Who brought me to his room
We smoked blunts, watched movies
I told him it was too soon
He claimed that I was perfect
In time, touching my curves
Like the clouds softly grazing the hillsides
Making human art in his bed
Like natives dancing on their reserves
But I could sense his coldness
I saw no emotion in his eyes
So on my walks home
I would beg to the skies

A concert I attended
Where the next boy sat near me
I was intoxicated
And with fake confidence
I turned to him to see
Gentle eyes
A soft face
And lips I couldn't ignore
We didn't hear a single song
And when the night had ended
We knew we needed more
So far away he lived
But our souls knew we should be
I had never felt like this
No one has ever gave me the looks
He would give me
So genuine
So perfect
So kind
But the distance was an annoyance
It wasn't good to his mind
And so little efforts were made
And I was left astray
Always wondering
Always wanting
That perfect boy from the show
But I will never know

Why can't I find one who cares
One to feel, one who is real?
Please find me someone
Who wants love like me
My soul is aching
I'm painfully lonely
i used the first section of this poem in another poem as well

— The End —