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Anastasia Jan 30
Take a sip
Strawberry syrup
Sweet and soft
But never enough
Strawberry sweetness
Smooth in your mouth
Tangy but not sour
Covering the dollhouse
Strawberry syrup
Dripping from your lips
On your fingertips
Staining the lace
On your pretty white dress
Strawberry syrup
Making a mess
Can’t see through the syrupy haze
Covering my eyes in a strawberry glaze
Alyalyna Jan 2018
I’d love to pour out all of my anger
Tell the whole world who you’ve been dating lately
Tell the whole world who you’ve been cheating on baby
In what filthy things you’ve been participating
Should I remind you I embraced you daily
And now you’re acting shady
And kind of shocking and maybe
I ******* with a wrong person
But I was
Completely into our friendship
Indeed, I loved you
You said I ruined it
I say you ruined me
I helped you out a thousand times
Now will you help me out of all this ****
Who’s now a piece of crap
Who’s now to blame
Why didn’t you tell everything?
You’re struggling now for your fame
That’s why you’re so late
With all your blames
And when your so called diva moment comes down
You’re gonna understand how much you were wrong
Be my everything,
To guide and cherish me,
Be my lover,
To love me unconditionally.

Be my Architech,
Let's design the future together.
Be my teacher,
To teach me how to love.

Be my engineer,
To build our home.
Be my doctor,
To take care of me.

Be my accountant,
To audit my salary.
Be my bestfriend,
To advise me when I'm sad.

Be my clown,
To make me happy when I'm down.
Lastly, be my partner,
And stay with me forever.

— The End —