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Rain Nov 2020
Tonight I am sad
Tonight I am lonely
The demons are screaming
So please someone hold me
Rain Nov 2020
Nobody loves me nobody cares nobody picks me peaches and pears nobody offers me candy and Coke nobody ever laughs at my jokes nobody helps when I get in a fight nobody does my homework at night
Nobody misses me
Nobody Cries except me in the night with tears in my eyes.
Rain Nov 2020
A midnight scribble a morning sigh you watch the words curl up and die.

Madness live inside your head of poems lost and pages dead.

A mind possessed by unmade books Unwritten lines on empty hooks.
Honestly this poem is not mine it is written by "Michael faudet" but it is one of my favorite poems.
Rain Nov 2020
The sky shines so bright in the night I think my mind will explode with  colors untold.
Rain Nov 2020
My heart is cold my soul is gone yet my love is with you forever and always.
Rain Nov 2020
In the night I lie awake for fear that I may die.In the day some may say I'm a social butterfly yet all i do I cry and hide
Rain Nov 2020
The sun in the sky shines as bright as his eyes yet the moon so dark reflects his heart.
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