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A simpler life
No more anger and strife

In the yard, in the sun
Spinning in gardening fun

A big floppy hat
Sunglasses acrobat

Crisp, refreshing mint juleps
When I finish planting these tulips

Owning a house is dream
A capitalist scheme

Millennial bravado
When you choose avocado
My soon to be husband and I are looking into buying a cheep house in Utah. Wish us luck. There have been and continues to be many hoops to jump through. He mentions how it feels like an out, if we some how manage to become home owners. "Rent" will become cut in half and spread a little further. F*ck Capitalism! It keeps the poor-poor and the rich even richer.
Karijinbba Aug 2020

            *to hold

               *wholly good

                    in my hands
               thinking of you
              beloved true love
             in the forest laying
                I'd hold two sacred
                        long avocado
                           shaped seeds
                            in my hands
                         ever so gently
                         stroking both
                      Day dreaming
                   Of the one king
    who loved me the most
    in this whole wide world
     My twin flame twin soul
    Great among great elite
   Richest among richest
        King among kings
            My wilderness
Copy Rights Apply
I miss you wishing you recalling your creative writing class -rdd/bba-74-75.
Daisy Hemlock Feb 2018
In the middle of the night I awoke

With a lion growling in my stomach
So carefully and without a sound,
I made my way upstairs and into the kitchen
To fetch a delicious snack for this lion
That calls itself my stomach

As I opened the refrigerater
And as the pale white light it emitted
Illuminated the room,
My eyes began to scan the shelves for something to eat.
When all of the sudden
They landed on a strange

What is this strange lump?
I thought to myself.
So with the bravery of a thousand warriors,
I extended my arm
And lifted the container.
I removed the lid.
And inside
What I found

What used to be an avocado.

I went back to bed.
lndd Jul 2017
¿Quien eres tu?
Yo ya no te conozco
Ya han pasado los meses
Y tu has cambiado
Te cortaste tu pelo
Ya no me hablas igual
¿Quien eres tu?
Y que hiciste con mi novio
El que me quiera
Y me decia chula de cariño
Me daba besos y abrasos
Yo a ti ya no te conozco
lndd Jul 2017
I have my friends
But I'm so lonely
I have a dog
But I'm so lonely
I have my siblings
But I'm so lonely
I have my parents
But I'm so lonely
I don't have you
And I'm so lonely
I don't think I want you anymore anyways
lndd Jul 2017
I always wonder where you are
What you're thinking of
Do you think of me?
Do I cross your mind?
You're always on mine
I always wonder where you are
lndd Jul 2017
You won't be my date to fair
And that's not fair
I cry to my mom once a week
God I feel so weak
All you did was lie
And now all I do is lie
We don't say good morning
You being gone has me in mourning
All I do now is write
About how neither of us was right
You stung me like a bee
But I will let you be
I need something new to see
I should go to the sea
lndd Jul 2017
I thought I meant more to you than I did
Then you let me go I fell and I slid
Every one says that you're just a kid
I saw you today, I was the one that hid
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