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lndd Jul 2017
You won't be my date to fair
And that's not fair
I cry to my mom once a week
God I feel so weak
All you did was lie
And now all I do is lie
We don't say good morning
You being gone has me in mourning
All I do now is write
About how neither of us was right
You stung me like a bee
But I will let you be
I need something new to see
I should go to the sea
Gary L May 2016
the only way that he could say bye
buying a red rose and watching it die
dying to find some other way
weighing his options to live another day

he couldn't help but to feel like a heel
healing was hard and the pain was real
reality soaked him like torrential rains
reigning over his will to remain

(I am trying to get back to following the ones who follow me, or take interest in my writing. The best way to "**** out" was to unfollow all, and then look at the list of my followers. I hate to be that way, but i also hate to see the ones who unfollwed me on my "home" page. Please bear with me, because it will only allow me to follow so many people a day apparently.)
Homophone must be used as last word in first line and third line, and their homophones should be used as the first word in the second and fourth lines.
Gary L Sep 2015
it's getting scarier by the HOUR
OUR world will never see PEACE
PIECE by piece we're overpowered
overpowering us as our fears increase

we sit idle as hatred BREWS
BRUISED by the war torn SCENE
SEEN as only pawns to lose
losing all of our hopes and dreams
i capitalized the homophones for beginning writers, who may not know what a homophone is

— The End —