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Risa Njoroge Aug 2019
Am sorry that’s not what I meant,
It’s just the auto-correct,
This new technology thinks it’s ahead,
Replacing the words that come from my head,
with words like "You are my best yet"
When what I meant to say was "meeting you I regret"

And that last text I sent, telling you how I felt,
That too was auto-correct,
See, there was a time when your words made my heart melt,
And the butterflies that rose from my belly up to my neck,
I sometimes needed  to tie them down with a belt,
All this words you say you never meant.

Every time you sent that I love you text,
Now I know it just auto-correct
This new tech is quick to make us forget,
And replaces words like I regret,
With stupid texts like “come hold me”
Leaving us with broken hearts we now hold up like trophies,

The rest of the world may never know just how much I hurt,
Because I found a filter that will auto-correct
This frown on my face and turn it right side up,
And every time I take a picture,
This auto correct will add color and remove the hurt,
Making sure no one will never know what really lives inside,
"this whirl we call home, spinning out of control.”
we have been living in an auto-correct world, never saying what is on our minds, and everything is spinning out of control.
Oskar Erikson Jul 2019
Hey babe
I wanna do
anything you wanna do
like my god honestly
I want some more pics of us
Hi babe
how’s the day going?
I don’t know how you feel knowing
like christ
this love is one-sided and it’s
But babe i’ve done all i can
you have to tell me
what’s your plan
like my light
my lovely
my lad
our moment of time
is ending
everyone feels sorry for us
we’re both
**** me sidewase-- sidewise apparently,
i can't get a word in between these red dots and
Red snakes biting at my letters's ankles
At least when I'm pen ning I have the option to ignore that im an *******

You **** gobbling weak kneed slack jawed fool

Alright Alright let's take it easy I'm simply trying to help
No one would ever doubt your genius
But your spelling can certainly take a little
Is that how you

Dont patronize me **** it
Xallan Oct 2017
Die, please, or
Do your job!
Actually, my friends have normal names
What are you thinking
A computer program built by a toilet
Who CODED You anyway
You're even messing with my poem
Thanks for the apostrophe
Or the 'g' I didn't know I needed (because
I really didnt need it)
You must know me so well, you
Finish my sentences
So maybe you're my evil twin, trapped in a computer
In which case
A Jul 2017
I'm trying to be happy
And positive
And glow
But it is not for me
I'm trying to be good
And write about happy thoughts
And not write about how every time I smile my face autocorrects it to a frown and I can't help it because that is just me
I'm trying to be happy because that's what people tell me
I'm trying to be me because people tell me to be myself
But myself is sad
Sad is me
I am sad
Trying to be happy for all the wrong reasons
Steve Page May 2017
What doe's it talk to majesty a bit MSN cry?
How fast download the roast mist a MSN go
beforehand he really his gossip?
How management days mist a MSN present beforehand he films hid like storeys?
My thumbs are too big for the modern world.
Sarah Michelle Jun 2015
I'm not going to be able to see you soon
I love it when you get a new song
And the rest of my favorite thing about it is not the same thing as the first place we went
The fact is that I don't know if you want me
The fact is the best way
For a long day
Is to make it so hard for us to reconcile

I'm not sure how I can see you soon
The only person who has been in my head
Hurts like the new version
Of a sudden urge to watch something burn
I love it when people are going out
I love it when I'm not going to be able
To see my friends and the other day
I didn't even get a job
Like I said I had
A poem built from the word suggestions above the keyboard on my iPod touch. Whatever those are called.
Skip Ramsey Nov 2014
The new building a a few days of the new
I was curious to see what my autoincorrect keyboard would suggest... :)
Its one line because if I went down a space it stopped suggesting.

— The End —