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Meghan Marie Oct 2015
I am worn flannels
from the boys section
of the second hand shop.
Long sleeves covering
the seven years
worth of scars.
Seven years
battling mental illness.
I am paint stained carpet
and broken down shoes.
A pair for the different person
that i decide to be
I am an adventurer
trying to find a place to call home.
Late night bonfires
and the starlit sky.
I am who i am
and most of all
I am proud.
Invocation May 2014
Strong spices
Leave your scars

I'll send them below

Precious new memories will replace
Your unwelcome pain
Napkins and longboards
electronic haze
I don't watch Disney

I wish I
didn't know my parents
But I take this for granted again

Flannels before they were Cool
painting my room
two shades of black

I'll share my life
If you will pretend I'm awake enough
To absorb yours

Can we become closer?
I found a new soul

— The End —