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A soft ****** ape,
& Dharma geek,
I dream asleep
& wide awake.

My third eye peers,
so ****** i'm rocked.
Half-baked ideas
are under-cooked.
According to legend,
if you stare into a mirror,
in a dark room,
lit with candles,
& say "Mary Jane" three times,
while smoking dabs,
you get high as ****.
Knit Personality Sep 2016
A shadow person's creeping near:
   I see him creep near by.
He chills me, fills my heart with fear.
   I wish he'd go! or die!

He's hanging, like a hemorrhoid,
   Around.  I don't know why.
(Or maybe I'm just paranoid
   And really really high.)

Knit Personality Sep 2016
My pretty, neat,
And sweet Petite:
Our love was brief;
And, yet, with grief
   I swell.

Ah!  Woebegone
Forever on
   I'll be,
Never to fly
Cloudly and high
   With thee!

That all must pass
That's made of glass,
   I take;
But, like to thee,
The heart in me
   Doth break.

Knit Personality Jun 2017
A leprechaun lives (I've been told)
Distributes the best *** o' gold:
   He grows pounds of flowers
   With magical powers,
And over the rainbow 't is sold.

(I'm pointing at me)
s(t)ays hi(gh).




He says stay high.
He says goodbye.
Sk Abdul Aziz Nov 2018
I twist and turn in my bed
I change the sheets
I change the pillows
I close the windows
I glance at the moon
I try listening to some soothing music
I close my eyes and start counting
I even try dreaming
I finally pop a pill
But no matter what I do tonight...
...It simply won't work
I've finally surrendered and awoken to this cruel realization that sleep is determined to desert me Tonite and by the looks of it(well it's around 4am)..I'd say it's been an absolute beat down for me...
Sleep it seems is upset with me at the moment
And truth be told...i have mistreated her on many occasions
So...Looks like its gonna take a fair amount of apologising and persuading to pacify her
Arden  Dec 2018
not always
Arden Dec 2018
People who self harm
Aren't always teenagers
Who listen to heavy rock
And dress in black
And wear dark eyeliner with smudgy lines
They're not always people who drink beer
And smoke ***
And make mistakes

People who self harm
Are always smiling
Always happy
They are on the honor roll
And they place sports
And date cute boys
And wear lots of thick bracelets
And long sleeves
Because inside, they feel just as empty
As the kids with smudgy eyeliner
Infamous one  Apr 6
Infamous one Apr 6
Early to get it done
Waking up from the confusion
Tired of listening to the delusionalist
Complaining not doing anything
Try to better the situation
Stopped worrying about the people
Who cause hurt because their insecure
No longer listening to the ones
Who knock others behind their back
Then pretend to be Noble to their face
The best of Mormon boys
I'd never tried ****
Or alcohol
Or Coffee

I was raised to live a
Word of Wisdom that
Forbids it and
I obeyed

But suicide crept in
Too many times to
Afford not to
Try new things

My therapist convinced
Me to try two things
New: Sativa,

Sativa to help me
Process from novel
States of mind that
I might see

Indica to bring me
Back into the corpse
I had left back
In my grave

Cannabis, I was told
By my therapist
-Who looked just like
An angel-

Was a sacred plant that
Was used for decades
Centuries or
Much longer

Grown straight from out the Earth
She told me that They
Wouldn't cure me
Nothing could...

Cure me but me, but still
They were powerful tools
For healing change
When used right

She believed they could help
Aide my recovery
Help me, fix me
So I tried

I turned my back on my past
Mormon ways and
Opened a door
I can't go

Back through ever again!
Over the last year that
I've used this

We've grown intertwined
Like a vine that grew
Through my nervous
System slow

But surely becoming
A part of who I
Am like part plant
Part human

She took the role of Mother
A mother I wanted
But never had,
Not since twelve

And even when I moved
Back home to Utah
From Colorado
I can't quit

I love Her too much now
When I can't sleep She
Sings lullabies
In the dark

When nightmares from my past
Come find me She will
Whisper sweet words
Of nothing

But they make me feel loved,
Make me feel lovable
In ways I never
Knew before

Not once in my old life
Of Twenty-eight years
Struggling with my

I felt cannabis' love
For me my first hit
She adopted
Me and I

| Can't Quit Now |
Thank you
Was the last straw
The final
Out too
Early for
The heavens to bear

Any longer

He and Amy
John and John


Crashed through

Gates of Hell
To torment

The Walking
Amongst Us

I hear it
I am

Right now

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