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Life is less of a journey
More of a tale of survival
Get the worm if you're early
Sleep keeps the shallow mind beautiful
Take a pill to be worry free
They fabricate the next rival
Put to much importance on friend & enemy
Neither can be considered reliable
Trust me

 Dec 2021 Stacy Mills
 Dec 2021 Stacy Mills
And with a sincere smile,
she looked to the stars
knowing the future was worthwhile,
even, with a thousand scars.
and I hope that every time
your mouth moves
to make the sound
of the first letter of her name


deep down

in the back of your head

you hear my name instead
He stopped worrying about the scale numbers. He knew what had to be done and did it. Writing was his way of expression a journey with the right people he collaborated began to grow.
He noticed they had the big house and not happy. He didn't have much, but happy for most.
He was tired of trying to be put in a box and labels that had nothing to do with them. He knew some used their platform to manipulate others and take advantage. He stood his grown they hated him for it. He wasn't listening to them because he knew what he had to do, and what had to be done.
Love my poetry and love my pain.
What a shame it is that they all can relate
Another poem about the complexity of being an artist and a poet. Hope you enjoy. Leave a comment down below❤️❤️
Funny how you can
Tell the moon
Is full
Even with the
Blinds closed
Radiance of light
Can't help but
Shimmy their way
Through the slits
But you feel it
Like someone is
Looking over you
And you look.up
And a beautiful
Snow colored oval
Stares back at you
Perhaps with a
Knowing smile
 Mar 2019 Stacy Mills
Erian Rose
last night I found
myself in a different place
everything had changed
I didn’t know the difference

the night was gloom
with sprinkles of light
all I saw was emptiness
all I saw was me

“Just a dream,”
they say
“Just a dream.”

How do you know
If it wasn’t reality?
 Mar 2019 Stacy Mills
Erian Rose
If I could write you a letter
For how much I love you
The pages would be filled
From margin to margin
On every page
They would reach heights
That would be above reach

If the pages ever tear
Ever fade away
Just know I'll be here
To love you every day ❤
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