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JRF 1d

It will never be for me
It will always be for you-
My boy. My girl.
For you, for both
Of you.  
Always and forever.
JRF Feb 27
A Single Tear

The water runs down
the side of my nose reaches
my lips and dribbles into
my dry mouth and quenches
my thirst and then I burst with feelings I feel
all over the place
yes that’s funny but
that’s  how I feel. I do.
These are trying times. Just let me feel.  Hear me. And oh please, just please.
  Let me be.
JRF Feb 21
I am so afraid
even though I know I’m strong.
Still. It consumes me.
JRF Jan 24
I Don’t Cry Anymore

What does that mean?
Have I lost my soul?
The thing that makes me human?

I don’t cry anymore.
Something dies right in front of me -
I mourn. I lament.
But I do not cry.

You throw barbs at me.
You are hateful and unkind.
I look at you with empty eyes and I am silent, but by God
I do not cry.

I don’t cry anymore.
The well has run dry.
I am but a withered and weathered
Twisting in the wind.
JRF Dec 2020
This way.
This dark.
This ugly.
This mean.

Wherever did you go, dear heart?
Where did you go?
JRF Dec 2020
Dark Haiku

I’m not afraid of
the shadows that occupy
the space in my mind.
JRF Nov 2020
I’m Ready

To let go.
To Sleep.
To shake off this terrible, trying day.
I just want
to sleep.
Slough off all the things
that hurt me today.
Embrace the things that
gave me peace.
I just
want a bit of joy.
A moment of peace.
Can you give me that, please?
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