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JRF 6d
Once Upon a Pandemic

Forget the fairytale writers...
Shakespeare said it best-
Something wicked this way comes.
Words never better spoken.
Timely as hell.
400 years ago, right?
Feared it then. Fear it now.
Nature knows no boundaries.
It’ll take us when it wants, where it wants.
Is this it?
Is the dying time here?
JRF 6d
Let’s weather this storm.
Batten down the hatches and
live another day.
These are truly strange days. Let us be kind, be careful, and persevere!
JRF May 13
Don’t let the Darkness Descend

Look up.
The stars are right there.
Shining on us
and yes
things are fragile right now
but oh I know
the good Lord and
the universe wants us to go on.
We can do better.
Let the spring winds lift us up and let us spread our wings and go forward  and beyond.
Look up, lift up , believe.
Life will go on.
JRF Mar 21
The pandemic is
endemic to our people.
Dying time is here.
JRF Dec 2019
I’ve Come Undone

Once upon a time, I
was tightly woven.
A part of the fabric of society but now.
Now I’m frayed. A loose thread.
Pull on me and it will all come
JRF Oct 2019
I am Lost

My soul resonates
with the prettiest and darkest things.
I feel and hurt
and live and rejoice
and die and hate
and forgive.
I do it all
in a whirlwind of emotions so no wonder.
No wonder
I don’t know what’s forward or backwards or even to what to say
Or do next.
I am so lost.
JRF Oct 2019
Autumn Haiku

It is dying time.
The leaves are giving way to
the end of summer.
Words that echo the way I move through every season. Be well, Poetry Friends!
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