Catholic Church

I revoked my membership voluntarily years ago when I  could finally see the forest for the trees.
Just read the New Testament. Read it. Jesus said-Jesus said all are welcome. All are loved. All are forgiven.
So don't you preach to me. Don't you.
Don't you dare.
All are loved by God, my God, your God, it's all the same. Something greater than you and me. Believe it. There is something greater than you and me out there, out there floating in the eternal ether.
There is absolute and unconditional love out there for us all.

Inside Out

My outsides feel in, and my insides are out.
My guts are exposed.
So go ahead and pick through them.
Take out all the tasty bits and throw the rest away.
Gut me.
Fillet me.
But know this.
There will always be a little bit of me left that will survive.
I'll live. I'll live through this-as I always do.
I'll live to see another day, so, I'll see you then, my stalwart friend.
I will
see you then.


When summer leaves change their hue and gently give way to the wind, change has come.
When the sun lays low in the western sky,
I know that change has come. When the air becomes crisp and sharp and bites at my warm cheeks,
I know that change is coming. And then one morning I will wake and see nothing but a blinding blanket of white covering the earth.
And so it is here and I will have to acquiesce,
I will have to submit.
Winter has come.

A Moment in Time

Can I tell you something ? Tonight, we were so cold in the football stands. My dad put his arm around me close and pulled me tight. Nothing has felt so reassuring as that in years. My dad. My protector. In that moment I could say that he was still Dad. My dad. He hasn't come undone.  Not my dad. Not Pop. Not my childhood hero. No. He's still Dad. He's still Dad.
Even though I know
I know that my dad
has come undone.

Tom Petty

Stop dragging my heart around
because it's already been around the block. I'll miss you, old friend.
On my cassettes and cds. Goodnight, old friend.  Goodnight, and, Goodbye.

How I loved him and his music back in the day. He's just a little part of me


Warm days and cold nights and
falling leaves
and October frights.
And the sun and the heat of the day
and then the chill
and the thrill of the cold winds at night.
This is Autumn.
Rosy cheeks and frosty breath and the shivers. The spooks. Fear. The shadows that make us shiver. Fall.
These are
Autumn nights.

Salem Nights

Wicked women who harbour wicked thoughts fill the night.
Heavy are the clouds and heavy is the night.
And heavy is the fog and the morning light.
Salted circle and solemn prayers can't keep me away
I've been summoned and so I'll stay
in the shadows, in the gallows
where they put me.
Once upon
a Salem night.

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