Sacrificial Lamb

That’s what you are
In the eyes of God and man
You are my
sacrificial lamb.
You are
penance for all my sins
past and present.
You are
My little
Lamb of God.
You take away
the sins of the world
but yet there is no mercy for us.
You can’t ever
grant me peace.
A poem that every Catholic will understand
Jennifer R Fay Apr 2017
Would You?

Would you reach for me
if I were drowning-
even if it meant
you would be pulled down into the depths of the
with me?
Would you
reach for me?
In my most
desperate moments,
if I asked for you,
would you respond?
If I called,
would you respond?
I don't think so, anymore.
I guess I wanted
more from you
than you could
ever give.
Jennifer R Fay Apr 2017

I'm so lost that I cannot be found.
No one will ever recover the bits and pieces
of me.
I gave way to the night awhile ago.

I let myself be buried
many moons ago.

And now
I'm just a bit of the dust and dirt and earth beneath your feet.

Look down now, and you'll find me.
There I am.
There I am.
Dreams drift as in a mist
My mind wanders through  
a light
where I find you
Looking in my direction
with that slight smile

We fall into grace

Like a waltz
We dance into love

Memories flow by on streams of light
of when we were young
My arms have missed you
Though my mind has never
left you
I try to caress your transparent face
that seems to drift within the fog
I hunger for your embrace
Though I only see a vapor of your outline
in the mist
Passing slowly by my arms
I reach in your direction
and you are gone

Dreams collide inside my mind
Nothings real
Except the hunger for younger years
When love seemed like it would never end
We touched upon a youthful wheel

As years left us
Suddenly turning into faces
we no longer recognized
Leaving our hearts and souls
We could be as once
we were
Where love collides
Bringing back our lives.

By Weeping willow
Dreams flow within the nighttime hours
Younger years still burn with desire.
Dreams run through like blood
in my veins
  Mar 2017 Jennifer R Fay
Ola Radka
Freshly ground coffee,
love wafts in the morning air.
Is it here to stay?
  Mar 2017 Jennifer R Fay
Ramin Ara
Can be
Jennifer R Fay Mar 2017

Just before
the night claims me,
errant thoughts usually traipse across the landscape of my mind.
There's always
bits and pieces from my conscious day that play out and then there's the bits and pieces that creep and crawl  in
from the cobwebs of my subconscious mind.
God, how these thoughts plague me, harangue me.
And it all twists and turns internally in the twilight of my dreams and I battle through it all.
I fight and I struggle and I break through the surface and I breathe.
And I awake. I stir, I struggle, and then,
and then, I decide
that this day
is another day
that is worthy of my time.
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