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Stacy Mills Mar 2021
I was drowning. I watched as you looked right at me, turned your back, and walked away. I died alittle right there!
Stacy Mills Aug 2020
Slowly rotting
Slowly dieing
The signs are there
No one looks
No one cares
I reach out
Get pushed away
Hold my mask
I'll die one day
No tears will be shed
No sorrow to be found
When I'm finally
6 feet under ground
Stacy Mills Jul 2016
Here I sit with blade in hand
wanting to leave this land
I lost a friend n now I cry
Wishing God would let me die
Stupid mistakes I can't take back
I feel as though I'm going to crack
if it wherent for my children keeping me sain
I'd let my blood wash away my pain
Stacy Mills Sep 2016
I saw forever in your eyes.
Then you closed them tight.
You didn't even say any goodbyes.
And that just wasn't right.
Now again I lye here lost and alone.
No strength to get on with my day.
An emptiness felt but unshown.
I never thought it would end this way.
Stacy Mills Apr 2018
I keep searching for solidarity, for stability, for something real, no more games. I keep searching for a connection with another human; I can't even do that with my own parents. guess you could say that when I'm looking for something solid I can only find Jello. I want to mean so much to someone. I want to feel like I mean so much to someone, and believe, know, have 0 doubts and not be let down nor disappointed! are my standards too high? I just don't know anymore; I sit in my bedroom and I talk to myself because I feel like I have no one; but I feel like I'm blessed at the same time because I've never had need or want for anything because somehow it always falls in my lap without me even trying. I still feel empty, I still feel alone. I wake up in the morning wanting arms to be around me but alone I role over only to see a brown wooded wall. alone in my empty bed. Alone surrounded by people that I love and that love me but yet I'm still alone. no one to connect with. no one I can call when I have problems.  myself. I can't talk to my kids about it because they don't need my issues. they've got their own issues just with growing up. I remember that age. it's hard. I don't want to put more on them than I have to being; a tough loving momma. I can't talk to my mother because I speak poetically and she doesn't get it, and she doesn't really want to. I don't know why I can't talk to my daddy. I guess I've never really tried. I guess I feel like he's always thought of me as a little princess and I don't want to do any wrong in his eyes. I want to be a perfect princess for him; and I do well, I doa I have a 5 bedroom house, I pay all the bills and keep a roof over my kid's head, I keep them fed, I have a car, I have a driver's license, it's all legal, I have a job. I'm doing the daily things that make me, I guess, an American blooded human being (I ******* hate human beings  that make living here feel like solitude. Andy  my relationships,  that I it's a joke. I'm bound to be alone forever. not that I need a man. I just want one. I Miss having arms around me. I miss having that person you tell everything to. I miss everything about having that one person that you connect with, that one person that makes you feel whole and not so alone this world because it is huge. when you're you're living it alone, doing everything on your own, you get tired; and I'm so tired. I'm so tired. I'm beginning to look at things around me and say, "what's the point? What actually am I doing here? what kind of impact am I making here?" And I don't see it. I love and I know I'm loved, but I also know I have no one; I want to say my girls but they'd rather play with their friends. I get it I did at that age too. I know one day /I hope one day that they'll become closer to me than I am with my mom. I want to be their everything.  I always feel like I'm never doing enough.  they make me feel like I'm not doing enough. I wish you could teach them gratitude. I wish I knew how to teach them gratitude. I wish I was a better human!
This isn't a poem. I had some stuff on my mind I just had to get off my chest.
Stacy Mills Sep 2019
So I've been sick for the past 5 days and I was contagious so I sent my kids to my mother so that way they didn't get sick as well and I had a sort of epiphany. The Awakening that happens within each of us is different within each of us because each of our stories are different. Maybe we don't all go through the same hardships maybe we don't have the same views. But we are all human and we do have path destined for each of us to take on our own. People will come and go in our lives and that's the only thing that's constant is that nothing lasts forever. Cherish the things you have and learn from the things you lost, and never forget to be kind because without kindness this harsh world would be horrible for everyone. Do what you can be what you can and love when you can. Each of us has our own path we must take and maybe it's not the path you planned on taking but it's the one you were meant to go on and it's why you are where you are it's why you are who you are Never take for granted the ones that love you or the ones that hate you because each is a lesson and a blessing and even if they do hate you love them because it's not them personally that hate it's just the path that's meant for them.
Stacy Mills Dec 2015
For as much as I need too accept that you will never love me; so too do you need to accept that I will never stop loving you.
Stacy Mills Dec 2015
Sitting  alone on the darkest of the nights
No stars are seen to make it bright
You feel a presence behind your back
Turn around but see no track
Standing up you start to pace
A cold wind blows across your face
Walking back and forth you fall
Come to find out your alone after all
This was the very first poem I wrote. I was 16.
Stacy Mills Apr 2016
You pretty little two-faced backstabbing *****,
Your a lier a **** a ***** and a snitch.
I wish I had never met your shriveled heart and  darkened soul,
Or someone would throw you down an endless empty hole.
Now on you I will waste no more time,
So this is the end of my ******* rhyme!
.............­..........April Fools *******.........................
I'm so blessed to have you in my life,
You ease a lot of my pain and strife.
You make me laugh that soul filled kind.
At times it's as though we're of one mind.
I know you'll be there where all else fails,
You'll stick by my side as if we cannot bail.
It doesn't matter what our trials should ever be
I know I've got you and you've got me.
I'll love you till the end of time.
Our friendship is simply sublime!
Stacy Mills Dec 2015
Time has torn us in different directions but when its right the wind will blow us back together and then well be the glue that will hold us together for all eternity we just have to grow first!
Stacy Mills Jun 2016
I changed my clothes brush my hair
Put on my make up to change my face
Play the part, play the role, it s not like they'll ever know

Pretend to be what they want you to be.
Please don’t look to close you might see the real me.
Is it really that hard. To like this face..

Now now don’t talk like that stay in your place
Do what is asked so nicely of you
Don’t say no, or they might not like you

GOD knows my struggle my pain is real
Oh come on how bad can it be, just deal
You don’t know my pain; is mine, not yours

Its not as easy or plain as you think
But when you are constantly told ..
Nevermind, just go on just blink, just breathe

The sun will come out tomorrow
Hold on pain ends
No one knows…no no now wait yes they do

Random words not much meaning
Unless you know how much it helps cleaning
When you can only make it go away when you
Wash, clean, wipe, scrub, wash, clean, wipe scrub, wash clean wipe scrub

Some may know not all do tho.
It’s a battle we fight on a daily.
Its not much to some but to us is crazy.

Now the flipside. No its not that
I like your face, but it looks nice with something
A touch of makeup …don’t cry about it geeze
It aint like im asking you to lose weight

Is it really that big a deal to do what is small in their mind
Even tho it’s a mountain in mine..
Try to help them see, make them understand

Yeah good luck there. You wont see them try ..
Wait wait hold on there  you know **** well
Its trying for them too. So why you go all off
I don’t know cause it makes me feel crazy inside
When my outside isnt good enough…
And I don’t wanna make it be attractable to anyone
For your reason or whatever I don’t want people to look at me
I don’t want them to see me I want to be and stay just invisible….
Just outta sight invisible. So no one might
Take a look at the damage and the scars
They are deep, they are not gone. They stay always

Don’t dwell move on don’t think, don’t breathe.
Just be still do the devils will
Bend fold break do what they drill in to you
Just blink, just breathe nothing else.
They might just see what all hiding behind your walls…

When JESUS COMES TO call those who suffer for HIS name
You will wish you were one of us by and by.
Thank you LORD
For your grace
Your love
Your mercy
Your help
Your strength
You are my all with out YOU I am nothing.
I did not write this my best friend did!
Stacy Mills Nov 2016
So I was doing some soul searching, n I realized how true the statement is that beauty is only skin deep!  Not many that r beautiful carry that beauty inward, and as they age the outer beauty fades leaving them ravaged with the harshness of time.  It seems that the ones that don't have that outer beauty to begin with radiate it from within, and as time passes the beauty takes form on the outside as well showing how loving time can be to those whom are kind.  Isn't time a beautifully grand punisher and reward giver for those whom deserve!
Stacy Mills May 2017
For all who suffer
Keep your head up
Don't let them see u cry
You've more important things to do
than be sad
You'll either win
or end up in a better place
Those odds seam pleasant
when the depression has u cutting
Keep your head up
When your best friend stabs you
in the heart
Keep your head up
When the love isn't returned
Keep your head up
When the cancer comes back
Keep your head up
When your kids never listen
Keep your head up
When you feel all the weight is carried
by your shoulders
Keep your head up
Don't let them see you break
You control your mask
ware it well
Be remembered for that smile
Not that tear
You got this.
Stacy Mills Dec 2016
For you are so far away but your words are dear
You may be far away but your kindness is clear
You've touched my hardend heart with a feather like sonnet
Left a trail of smiles upon it
For this I thank you my friend
I hope your kindness never falters, true to the end.
Stacy Mills Feb 2016
I run my fingers through my hair
sit down in an uncomfortable chair
jump up and run around
zip back on a rebound
trip on the rug and have a great fall
take a breath and scoot down the hall
fly through the bathroom door
and sit down once more
do the deed that needs to be done
then I'm up and on the run
Ive got things Ive got to do
sadly none of them involve you
Stacy Mills Jul 2016
I haven't gotten out of bed much today.
I'm depressed n don't want to face the world this way.
Lost n confused
mentally abused.
Having to crush my best friends heart
is tearing mine apart.
What else was I supposed to do tho
I just didnt know.
So I did what I had to do
n now I'm nothing other than blue.
Stacy Mills Apr 2016
I sit back and I watch all those girls who think they're in love
Till the next best thing comes along and they go fluttering away like a dove
If she would have just stayed with the first where genuine equality was law
She wouldn't have had to deal with this new man's wicked claw
I've been in that situation a few years past now
And I'd never go back, no way no how
But these girls, they do
As if tho they enjoy being black and blue
I've told them they are making mistakes
And I can't watch anymore retakes
I love these ladies because they are my best friends
I wish I could make them see that wretched man is a means to their end
But they don't see and they don't care
They Just keep saying that life's not fair
I pray one day they'll learn its there decision how they live there life
And it could be avoided, all of there strife
They just need to know it's okay to walk away
So that maybe they'll get to see the next day
I pray they'll get out before an untimely demise
Maybe they will take my advice and realize
They have to get out and break free
Otherwise they'll end up broken just like me
Don't stay with a man who doesn't treat you like a queen. If he won't, there is always a perfect man who will. So walk away and then find your King.
Stacy Mills Dec 2015
The more growing that happens the more mature my love becomes.  Your love. I need to be a protector,  a protector for the love that you manifest into being. That which we are.
Time and the Ego are my only distractions. To say otherwise would be a "waste of time"  I miss You.
All of our moments together seem like dreams, dreams that come together and make a love story. One that is bright and true. Weird right? Good weird. The best. I'm grateful for our experiences together!
Stacy Mills Mar 2016
I wish I could write happy things
I wish I had days where my heart sings
but I guess I'll have to accept what's true
and know my heart will always be blue
my kids make me smile sometimes
but I can't come up with happy rhymes
the tears they just fall down my cheek and my chin
and happiness it just does not win
I'm alone in this world I always will be
I just wish someone was here for me
but they're not and I accept it
it's not worth throwing the fit
why create drama when it doesn't have to be any
just love my happy days though there are not that many
maybe someday happiness will grow in my heart
and the joyfulness will play its part
but I have no faith for that to be
I only have faith in God you see
when my life finally does end
I'll get to meet my very best friend
he sits up there and watches me go through hell
watching every time that have fell
he picks me up and puts me on my feet
knowing one day we will get to meet
that day isnt soon enough for me though
but I have a patience that only he can know
so when I see him I'll smile my final forever smile
I'll be happy not having to fear for one more mile
he will make all bad go away
he will make my happiness stay
Now is the time to just wait
untill I meet him there at the pearly gate
Stacy Mills Apr 2019
All life is, is one choice after another. it's the choices that we make that put us where we are. nobody else has any effect on that .it's all ourselves doing everything that we do to ourselves. if we're in pain because we put ourselves there. you just have to consciously think about what you're doing before you do it; and how it would affect yourself and others, because ... Karma... and eventually after you consciously start making better choices for yourself and others, better things will start happening to you.
Stacy Mills Mar 2016
I weave my beautiful words around your ego and hold on tight
Stroking, caressing, and loving with all my might
I cannot hold you physically in my arms
And cannot avoid all of your charms
So I do what I can to show my love for you
And know you feel it too
One day you shall be completely mine
And that day will be absolutely divine
For now I shall be content to wait
Until the time comes for our reunion date
I love you eternally, completely, and through out
We will be together, I have no doubt.
Stacy Mills Dec 2015
what do you want me to say, what do you want me to do to prove to you that I'm sorry. I never ment to hurt you. it was the farthest thing from my mind, but I did, and I hate my self so much. I don't wish myself death. I want to wreathe in my hurt knowing I can't fix this **** up and your suffering for it. I want to peal all my flesh away and show you how much it hurts me for having been the source of all this anguish. I don't know how to deal with any of this.
Stacy Mills Nov 2017
I'm alone. Those Crimson pearls are the only hug I could get. The only release of pain accessible to me. The only comport in my emptiness.
Stacy Mills Jul 2016
Here I sit all alone locked in
silently battling my fight with depression
tho someone always seems to be around
from them not a single care can be found
I cry and I cut to try to ease the pain
but sadly I know I'm completely insane
most of the time I have no reason to feel how I do
it doesn't matter cuz no ***** are given by you
and it's not just you that isn't there
I don't seem to have anyone that wants to care
I need to move away from this town this state this life
and maybe someday become someone's wife
but I know none of that will ever come to be
because I'm useless and no one would ever want me
so I end this poem with crimson regret
moving along in my life with so many a fret
so I say a perfect peaceful goodnight
as the dark red streak glistens in the moonlight.
Stacy Mills Dec 2015
I have you  *******. As I fasten the wrist straps I kiss your palm, trailing them down your arm, to your shoulder, and on to your neck. Where i linger and nibble maybe just a bite too hard. I take your lobe between my teeth gently n let it slide away. smack! The whip bites your chest! Followed my hands reaching to caress the welts. Again followed by my lips Lavishing kisses n nibbles along your chest, lingering on the ******* to flick with my tongue. And down to your **** stomach. Crack! Another whip bites into your thigh. Again followed by my hands and sweet kisses. I place a hand on both your hips and trail my tongue the entire length of your shaft. Then along the sac line, as i reach around and lift you, down your ***. Taking both ***** into my mouth I massage them with my tongue. Slowly swallow the entirety of your ****. My mouth now resting at the base and circumference, I  swallow a few times to let my throat do the massaging. Then back to the head, with my lips, Where I flick my tongue over the v and take you in and out of my mouth simultaneously, Until your just about to explode. Then I use my hands to finish you as I like to watch the eruption. And finally climb on top and finish myself. falling beside you gleaming with sweat and heavy breathed we slip into a deep restful sleep.
I'm not sure this allowed on here but I wrote it and wanted to share.
Stacy Mills Apr 2016
See, I want to leave this town as there is nothing for me here. You don't want to leave because you have everything here. I don't want to leave you as you are my best friend. But I wonder if be being here is hurting more than leaving would? I live with you because you are my best friend and I love you and we get along better than anyone. Does it hurt to have me live with you but not be with you? Would it hurt you less to have me gone? Is me being here somehow creating a means to the end of our friendship deep seeded from a resentment? I don't want to lose you as a friend ever! I need your happy face in my life. But with my inability to be in love with you, can we co-exist or would it be better for you if I where to just leave?
Stacy Mills Dec 2015
I'm done completely not just for this minute
I've reached my emotional limit
I've been played far too long
You could have told me long ago I was wrong
Could have saved me a lot of pain
Wish I knew I had nothing to gain
Saw it coming but not so soon
Now I get to be here bawling like a loon
Not sure if it hurts more in my head or my heart
Never wished for us to ever b apart
But here I sit on this cold bathroom floor
Can't stop the tears as I block the door
Now I'm going to let this all sink in awhile
So I can keep my promise to show you only my smile.
Stacy Mills Nov 2019
Last night I had about 12 different dreams in 12 different ways of killing myself I'm not suicidal this set of Dreams disturbs me am I going to die am I going to **** myself I don't want to I don't know what's going on anymore
Stacy Mills Mar 2016
Why put your heart on your sleeve
When everyone is just going to leave
Why let anyone know you care
Because obviously they don't want you there
Just keep your mouth shut and plaster on that smile
Because in your shoes they have not even walked a mile
Just keep to yourself and tend to your life
**** other people and their dumb strife Though loved ones are too important to forget
Love is something you just can't have yet
Maybe someday when God sees fit
It'll be my time to revel in it
Not today, not tomorrow, who knows when
When it happens so hold a true smile then
There's no point to try right now
Because the one you like doesn't care anyhow
Stacy Mills Jul 2019
I am empty. I'm Hollow. you dumped me because it could not have children; so I end up pregnant and have to **** it otherwise I would die. I feel like I took from you what you deserve. no matter what I'm in love you. I need to stay away, but I can't, and I don't know how. I miss you and it hurts. I'm just so ******* empty!
Stacy Mills Mar 2022
Where has my smile gone
Where has the light in my life faded to
Why do I feel so lost
Why do I feel so alone
I'm surrounded by people who tell me they love me
I'm surrounded by those who tell me they will be there for me
But when I reach for one of those people I grasp air
I reach
I miss
I slip
and I fail
My heart is braking
My brain is aching
And I am alone in solitude
Stacy Mills May 2021
It's dark inside so he would never see
what they could truly be
He loved her that much is true but how to show her he never really knew
His venom for his past fueled his rage
He only wanted her when she was locked in his cage
She refused to give up or let it tear her apart
Now he'll never find a more devoted heart
He pushed her away and ***** her smile
Now he's left to his self destructive exile
She took her leave to salvage her life
Tho she'd have loved nothing more than to be his wife
He wont believe she could have been his dream
Now in his head is an endless  yet soundless scream
Why must he destroy all that he loves  most
Why do they all become a memory, a ghost
He knows deep down he is wrong
He should have held on all along
But his demons in side rule his mind
So he is cruel, unable to be kind
He lost the best thing to happen to him
Threw it all away on a stupid drunk whim
She wins in the end of it  after all
Losing someone who's heart is too **** small.
It hurts like hell but she won't shed a tear
Even though her arms ache for him to be near
He has done this to them with no real reason why
Never even had the audacity to explain or try
He foresaw failure before giving it a chance
But that's now all pomp and  circumstance
He wont talk to her nor say goodbye
Maybe one day she'll find her perfect way to fly
Stacy Mills Dec 2015
The word family has much more meaning than just marriage n blood relations . I have some blood relations I don't even consider my family because they don't act like family. I have people that have zero blood in common with me n I call them family. Family are those whom love you unconditionally. Those who will always b there to help even if they don't like y. Family are those who not only tell you they love you but those whom show it as well.
Stacy Mills Mar 2016
Ok so this my seem a bit obtrusive;
And I'm not being conclusive.
But I felt it since we first met.
Something I can't quite name yet,
This electrical magnetic force.
Should I let it take its course?
You bearly brushed against me,
I had to look just to see;
Was that a current that I felt?
From a simple touch, I thought I'd melt!
I wonder if you feel it as I do?
Should I take a chance on you?
Or place my hopes beneath the dirt,
Burry them so no one gets hurt?
For now though I'll just wait to see,
If you too have feelings for me.
Stacy Mills Nov 2020
I am allergic to the feels, they make my eyeballs leak
Stacy Mills Feb 2016
I feel depression bubbling up from the deep
I try to keep avoiding thoughts that make me weep
I know this sadness is a battle I might not win
and that my happiness may end up in the trash bin
I just don't know what to do I'm alone and lost
fighting to stay happy and smiling at any cost
but I really feel like I'm running out of luck
so hoping my life doesn'tcontinue to mostly ****
laying here always in my empty bed forever thinking alone in my head
thoughts flooding my muddled mind the sadistic cruel depressing and absurd kind
times like this I really wish I had a friend knowing full well I'm going to be alone until the end
I just have to accept how things are going to be in my life
and know I'm never going to be a wife
Trying to be the best single mother of three
I know that's all any good parent could ask to be
but these tears hidden behind my eyes have yet to fall
because this depression hasn't yet fully came to call
so I guess I'm not going to start any fights I'm just going wish to you a many good nights
Stacy Mills May 2018
I hate this house
I hate this town
I am very blessed  to have all I do
But honestly I hate that too.
Seems like everything that I've needed has somehow just fallen into my lap with ease, except love; that dies in my arms!
Stacy Mills Nov 2018
A heart can't love without chancing it broken
Truer words have never been spoken
A heart can't mend unless someone else holds it dear
A heart is not happy if it is full of fear
A heart can't break if you let no one in
But not following your heart I believe is the worst of all sin,
Stacy Mills Nov 2015
I see faces in the dark!
There eyes glowing red.
An emence evil mark.
My heart has gone dead.
The numbness in my spine.
A chill in the air.
You soul has become mine.
Face it, life's not fair!
A once crossed path.
Head to head with my demons wrath.
Cry and beg for your life to turn around.
I can't hear your pitiful pleas, there is nothing, no sound.
Standing above you now hovering tall.
Turning around to detach your head,
Blood splats covering the once white walls.
Forget forgiveness!
You are already dead!
And I,
Stacy Mills Apr 2019
he's **** as hell and ***** like a Norse God.
he's sweet and kind but also hard and blunt
he's fire and ice hes passion and poison
he's patient hes fair hes selfish and cruel
it hurt but its done and i can say I saw it coming
i let it happen cuz he is someone worth keeping
but aparently I'm not in any way shape or form
im just a toy to be used and discarded
or so they think
it hurts and i bleed and i yearn and i need
but ill walk away head held tall
a new lesson learned and a new path to take
i know my direction so here I go I'm on my way!
Stacy Mills Apr 2019
he's **** as hell and ***** like a Norse God.
he's sweet and kind he's hard and blunt
he's fire and ice he's passion and poison
he's patient he's fair he's selfish and cruel
he's a one of a kind an ******* for sure
but he's not mine and i dont want him to be
I'd rather be free to just be me.
Stacy Mills Jun 2019
I enter a relationship giving my all and i fail every time
each ending I write an emotional cleansing rhyme
but the blow to the chest keeps getting  less and less
because i know im ok and my lifes not such a mess
it's not that i need anyone cuz I got all my **** covered
but with each relationship something new is discovered
i learn more about myself and who I am
so i can take that hit and still stand after the slam
i just wonder if ill continue to always care
or if my heart will even be there.
I do know that I will always continue to be me
So I guess ill just have to wait n see
Stacy Mills Jan 2017

I send so many prayers with you in mind that u r doing well.
I hate that I can't see you as much as I'd like to.
I will always think of such love when I think of you.
You've always been a light I could find when I was  lost.
You've always been a smile.  
You've always been a laugh.  
You've always been a best friend.  
You've always been a hope in a world full of pain.
I HOPE   you realize how much you truly mean, and have ment to me all these years!
I love you;
You shall always be my Hope.
To my best friend Hope!
Stacy Mills May 2016
I will always be alone
A sad little drone
having all my wants and needs unfulfilled
hoping good values in my children I have instilled
but this all feels hopeless and helpless and without an end
I wish this path toward the bottom would some how Bend
make a U-turn and head toward the top
causing all this pain and depression to stop
but I've no hope that any of this will be
because somehow I cannot let this sadness free
Stacy Mills May 2019
i know you don't love me.
i know you want her back.
i know you beg her to come home.
why do you straggle me along?
why do you pretend to want me?
why do you do things that make me want to love you?
im stuffing my tears.
i want to scream tho I stay silent.
i know we r terminal.
there is nothing I can do.
so i guess i must prepare.
im not gunna fall this time.
I'm ready. .
I've seen it comming.
Stacy Mills Feb 2018
A Gemini is needy
And can be quite greedy
They need to know you care
They need you to be right there
They need to hear those words every day
They need to know you feel what you say
They need to feel your loving touch
They need to know you feel just as much
They need to feel encouragement
They need to know exactly what's meant
They need someone to always be there
So within their life they can share
Are you the one for a Gemini
Are you the one whom can make her fly
Stacy Mills Apr 2018
A Gemini is needy
They need to know you care
They need you to be right there
They need to hear those words every day
They need to know you feel what you say
They need to feel your loving touch
They need to know you feel just as much
They need to feel encouragement
They need to know exactly what's meant
They need someone to always be there
So within their life they can share
Are you the one for a Gemini
Are you the one whom can make her fly
Stacy Mills Apr 2018
I chose you
I had a few choices
But I chose you
I could have chose one of the others
But I chose you
I didn't need you
I wanted you
You hurt me
You have taken me for granted
I've been broken enough
I don't put up with it
I should be treated as a priceless artifact
Not avoided and overlooked
If I'm not what you want then tell me
That way we can both move on
Don't play games
My heart doesn't deserve that
I put my all into us
You decided I wasn't worth yours
I fell back into my old pain relieving habit
But those crimson pearls ease my pain.
Stacy Mills Mar 2021
I died today all alone
I died today and no one cared
I died today everyone went on with their lives
I died today no one even noticed
I died today and everyone seems a little bit happier
I died today there's no heaven or hell
I died today and I'm just as alone as I was in life
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