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luciana Dec 2020
these words I write
create a composition
day in, day out

one may not understand a meaning
or definition
no recollection in sight.


not even I
remember what any of this
was about
luciana Dec 2020
Forgetting you is something I can't seem to do

I wished for closure upon your lips.

All of me wants all of you

But, I think the idea of us is what I'll truly miss.
luciana Dec 2020
a single note
a minor incident
a major fallback
luciana Nov 2020
don't turn around now
with so much ground covered
an endless game of life is waiting
to be discovered
luciana Nov 2020
caressing her curves
she looks away
innocent feelings arise
"i missed you today"
luciana Nov 2020
apology printed on your
lips that remain shut
towards a quiet girl
who thought of you as
her whole world
let me know what you think. I appreciate anything
luciana Nov 2020
these syllables of past feelings
seem distant now to define
a barrier
put up against.
confused in my head
as I lay here
I remember
you left as the season progressed
saying you'll still care
please tell me
in my dreams tonight
if what you did was fair.
I am now
an emotional state I cannot bare
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