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I am 17
An average teen age girl
I hangout with friends
and I'm dating a football player

Just like any other 17 year old
I have a cell phone
And yes I jump up and down
Every time I get a new follower
On any social site I have an account on

And just like any other 17 year old
I forgot the meaning of life
In fact I don't think I knew life had a meaning

I was born into a life filled with four things
And Selfishness

In this life
That I was so unfortunately born into
We pay more attention to a new tweet
Than to the loving man whom created us

In this life
We worry more about a new instagram follower
Than too a mother dyeing with cancer
And instead of reading the word of God to a dyeing mother
We check to see if we have a new snapchat

In this life
People call themselves Christians
And they don't even go to church

Open your eyes
Do you see that darkness surrounding your life?
Turn that to light
Read the Bible
Instead of twitter
Keep up with our creator
Instead of a follower
Rahul Waslekar Sep 2014
A strong individual soul
Stuck between questions and quarrels
So little does he know
About the world that surrounds him

Progress is rapid, you know
And there's so much that there's yet to show
The concept of an infinite wisdom is something we should follow

Why should one stay dark and hollow?

Get out of your bed and then city
Explore the reality that's yet to come
Life has so many ups and downs
That you would just love to nurture when it comes

A big revolution will soon begin
And you don't wanna be left behind
The world is changing so rapidly
But is your mind?
Just something I wanted to write and show people that the world is moving so fast
Rahul Waslekar May 2014
There will always be times in your life
When you will grab your favorite pillow
And share all your tears with it
Till it gets soaked and yet not got enough of it

You will remind yourself of how
YOU are the root and cause to all problems
But its way to late now
To go back and fix it into one big solution

But once you shed that final tear
And come back to the real world
You will open your eyes
Look at everything around rife
You will eventually find out, this is life.
I just had a lot of thoughts stuck in my head.
Rahul Waslekar May 2014
There are so many memories
That are stuck in my mind
Some that bring tears
And remind me that I'm just fine
However, no matter how attached or not
You are to these memories
They will always come back to you
To haunt the rest of your life
Something very random I made which I was looking at old pictures :)
  May 2014 Rahul Waslekar
i cannot save you.

i can barely save myself.
  May 2014 Rahul Waslekar
I am a collection of scars.
Each tells a story.
Some from a childhood of laughter and a carefree attitude,
others from lonely nights in the shadows with anxiety riddled thoughts pressing down on me;
as I pressed down on the blade.
Excerpt from a short story I am writing.
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