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Rae Feb 2021
i'm learning to take moments
to pause and observe.
to truly live in the moment
and see the beauty around me.
to memorize the way my friends frown
and smile.
to love humans for everything we are.
when you love others with your whole heart
you begin to love yourself.
learning the importance of silence
Rae Jan 2021
there's nothing attractive about a dead body
maybe that's why nobody loved her
she was a walking corpse
this one is a little sketch but that's kind of the point
Rae Jan 2021
i want you to stop right now.
yeah, you, the person reading this.
look into a mirror or your phone camera.
i don't care what you think you see.
you are beautiful. i mean it. you are the most beautiful person i have ever seen. i'm writing this one just for you. you mean the world to me and you are beautiful.
keep scrolling.
i love you
Rae Jan 2021
there was a time
when this feeling was unknown.
there was a time when someone felt
what i am feeling now
for the first time.
i wonder if they made it out alive.
i wonder if i will.
Rae Nov 2020
home is not a place-
not for me.
it's the smell of a carpet
that's had lots of owners.
it's the fluorescent lights crackling.
it's the laughter and shushing
it's the handstands for fun
the flashing street lights
the midnight drives
the 2pm breakfast
and the 12am dinner.
the open sunroof and blasting music
the hair dye and playlists
home is not a place-
not for me.
it's a feeling.
i want to be making memories
Rae Nov 2020
It was a sad, sad thing;
That wave in the hallway.
The smile plastered on my face.
Yet somehow I'm glad the girl you knew
Is gone without a trace.
this was from 2016 and i forgot to post it oops
Rae Nov 2020
it's weird that stars are such a big part of my life.
the sun is a star, but i feel like we all forget about that.
we like to fantasize that stars are faraway and soft and twinkling.
we make pretty constellations and dream of stories in the sky.
i did it all too, but now i know the truth about stars.
the sun isn't soft and twinkling-
it is unapologetically bright.
that is who i will be one day.
got a stick and poke star on my ankle for this one
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