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Pratham Sharma Sep 2017
All the pains, I endure,
Are for you my love, to cure.
You might not love me today,
But I am sure there will be a day,
When the glaze between us will be gone.
From this cosmos we'll break-away.

Shattered glass lined in my path,
I will walk them, unfettered by wrath.
This beautiful voyage can be prolonged,
For your affection I will go beyond.

All the nights, I spent alone,
Every heartbeat to your memories I own.
You might not realize it today,
But I'm sure you will, when I say,
My whole life how much I've loved you.
From this cosmos we'll break-away.

Intensity of our velvety love,
Will be shielded eternally, I behove.
Just your consent is what I need,
Let the blossom grow out of seed.

All the time, I look at my quest,
All pains are worth you on my chest.
You might be unknown with it today,
But I'm sure you will know one day,
When glaze between us will be gone,
From this cosmos we will break-away.
Pratham Sharma May 2017
Every moment of lifeless life
that I lived without her,
My own existence doubted me,
If I am alive or I've died.
You can't even conceive of
how I carried myself;
Just giving myself hope for love,
the love rains on the burning heart,
And ends all of my sufferings.
Soon it felt like the Gods have heard,
They had heard my afflict shriek.
The Women who held the lamp of love,
Came to me to end my tenebrous nights.
Her presence made the time pass away,
Like the waterfall from the milky heaven.
Her presence had made me realized,
Of the fact that I possessed a Heart.  
My emotions started blooming out,
like the spring rising from dead winter.
Her heavenly reflection moves my soul,
She is the epitome of magnificence.
I wish that time will come soon,
when she will be able to see in me.
Both of us wrapped in each others arms,
That the way want ourselves to be.
Love and Poetry is itself a religion.
I am sure you follow that too.
Pratham Sharma May 2017
Beauty is Divine of her frame and soul,
Hearts of Angels gets burned by her whole.
Abundance of Affection​ resides in her in layers,
Vitality of her heart is nothing but rare.
Youth of her voice like chorus of the Nightingale,
Accolade to me, she's my life's trail.
Jewelled heart of gold is her real gem,
Admirers of her are millions, I'm one of them.
Irresistible is her smile, that my soul nurture,
Nothing but her matters to me because I love her.
#Love #Life #Essence #Heart #MySoul
Pratham Sharma May 2017
I spent all my days and nights,
Either with you or in my dreams.
But I'm sorry you didn't felt that,
Neither you heard my heart's painfull screams.

Just in a sec you said to me
"No more, we can't be together."
You just left an uncurable wound,
On my Heart forever.

It really hurts a lot and I am dieing,
Searching for you again.
I need your Love and that essence of yours,
To cure inside and outside pains.

The time did took all my pains,
But it couldn't take away the marks.
The marks that you just left on me,
And left me alone in the dark.

But I succeed the test of time,
Forgetting all the pain and wrath,
I take take you as lesson to me,
And you will never see me on your path.

If by luck, I meet you somewhere,
On the intersecting road of Life,
I will thank you because of you today,
I am happy and am able to strive.
Pratham Sharma Oct 2016
I know you are hiding something,
Because I can see in you all through.
But I wanna tell you
That I love and live in you.
You can tell me your aches
I am here for you....
I stand with you.

I know that you are in pain,
Because I can feel in you all through,
All your pains are mine too
In your highs and lows I wanna be with you.
You can cry from my eyes,
I am here for you.....
I stand with you.

I know you are tired,
Because I can sense you all through.
It's been a long on path of love,
To prove the world that our love is true.
You can take rest in me
I am here for you....
I was, I am and I always will
Stand with you
Pratham Sharma Oct 2016
Lost long ago
In the cold of frozen hearts
Far away from all, somewhere
Exists a place to be rediscovered.
It's soothingly vibrant colors
Make the white skies colorful,
And forces the heavens to see
That in pseudo-living world
There is still a place so lively.
The place is too close
Yet very far.
Surrounded by cold dark blood
It is dead in us but
Still has life
It is sleeping in you and me,
Caught up in the storm of Desires,
It is the Island Of Life.
In this one the Island Of Life denotes the joy,emotions and kindness that was once spread like oceans but now is limited to a silent dead island.
Pratham Sharma Oct 2016
The dark arch of sins
Has venenated the pure souls
And the veil of greed
Has blinded us all
The beast of the evil
Is now unshackled
This destructive evil
Has made us devil
Desires have devitalised our souls
Dark has made us deaf
Dolorific sounds echo in our heads
But we stay mum just like dead
Even the heart of hallows, are now shallow
And the gratifying cities are grave-yards of mankind
Hope for light and thefate to change
The wheel of time will turn around
And the Good Lord will again rise
To bring the Dusk to Dolourous Dark.
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