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Sabila Siddiqui Apr 2018
I am not feeling okay
The thoughts that were at bay
Are starting to weigh
Heavy on my mind
Heavy on my heart.

My thoughts start to sway
Guiding me astray
With its
and overstay.

Pieces of me
Start to fall away
Fade away
Further away.

I am starting to breakaway;
Flay away.

My mind frays
As my thoughts start to play,
my hands start to pray
And my words start to blow away
the people I hold so dear.

I will defray
But for now I am going to splay
my ache into words.
Pratham Sharma Sep 2017
All the pains, I endure,
Are for you my love, to cure.
You might not love me today,
But I am sure there will be a day,
When the glaze between us will be gone.
From this cosmos we'll break-away.

Shattered glass lined in my path,
I will walk them, unfettered by wrath.
This beautiful voyage can be prolonged,
For your affection I will go beyond.

All the nights, I spent alone,
Every heartbeat to your memories I own.
You might not realize it today,
But I'm sure you will, when I say,
My whole life how much I've loved you.
From this cosmos we'll break-away.

Intensity of our velvety love,
Will be shielded eternally, I behove.
Just your consent is what I need,
Let the blossom grow out of seed.

All the time, I look at my quest,
All pains are worth you on my chest.
You might be unknown with it today,
But I'm sure you will know one day,
When glaze between us will be gone,
From this cosmos we will break-away.
insomniatrical May 2017
Science cannot tell me how I feel,
Only I can.

English cannot speak my words for me,
Only I can.

History cannot tell me what happened to make me the way I am,
Only I can.

Math cannot help me add my life up,
Only I can.

PE cannot keep me in good shape,
Only I can.

School cannot dictate how well my life goes,
Only I can.
Look, you and I are clearly on different pages. You treat me like garbage, to you am just a parcel that gets you laid once in a while. I don't get anything in return from you; no emotion, no connection, no appreciation and not even an ******. I become mute when am with you, you take away my voice and it's because you always say I disrespect you each time I try to stand my ground or say something. That is oppression and I cannot live like that. It's been almost 2 years and we still in the same position, there is no "flow" to go along with. I am exhausted of trying to make something out of this because it's evident you want nothing more and I don't want to push you. I deserve better treatment than what you are giving me, I deserve happiness, I deserve someone who appreciates me and mostly I deserve someone who is at least making an effort. I think you need to figure out what you want in a woman besides *** and I can't stick around while you do that. "I sincerely hope that your soul finds peace. You broke me but it was only because you were broken. I will heal because I know I need to but I worry that you'll never realize that you are in need of healing". I am sorry for expecting more than you could offer. I am genuinely sorry for wanting to be your woman. I am sorry for liking you more than you could handle
This is goodbye. Thank you for the life lesson
farahD Oct 2014
I don't know anymore,
What is right,
What is wrong,
Totally blinded by fear and confusion.

I dont't know anymore,
Nothing seems right,
Nothing makes sense,
Totally carried away by hatred and anger.

But I do know,
That it's time,
To break away.

— The End —