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Noah Mytho Mar 2017
Lying awake waiting, waiting for something that you don’t even know, it’ll never come though.
It hurts to wait, it hurts to not know, but why does it hurt?
Is it the quiet?
Is it the darkness?
Is it being alone?
Maybe it’ll go away once I wake up, if I could fall asleep.
Maybe it’ll be just this one night and after it won’t happen again.
Maybe I’ll wake up to find that it was just a nightmare.
Maybe it wont.
Maybe it’ll stay.
Maybe it’ll come back often and I’ll succumb to the pain once more.
Maybe this’ll be the future.
Some Nights… I just hurt.
Less of a poem more of thoughts
Noah Mytho Aug 2015
Frightening.       ­ 
My never ending Love.
For the love that I shall never forget.
Noah Mytho Jun 2015
... I'm not there to listen anymore?
... my touch fades away?
... You outgrow my clothes?
... there's no one's to talk to late at night?
... I stop texting You first?
... I stop answering Yours?
... I stop posting online?
... I stop liking other's posts?
... I log off, and never log back on?
... there is no ringing of the phone?
... there is no one picking up?
... all that is left, is memories?
Will You notice when i'm gone?
Will you ever notice?
  Jun 2015 Noah Mytho
Nessa dieR
Who brought you to your knees to humiliate you?
Who shot down your dreams and illusions?
Who made you stop believing in love?
Who caged you with your deepest fears and restless nights?
Who made sure you would never be alright?
Who made you cry at sleep?
Who made you loose your mind?
Who didn't believe in mercy
or faith,
or all that crap...
but above all
Who in their sane mind
Made you hate yourself
*As much as they made me.
Italic and bold are two poems, same scenario, differrent personalty (different people)
Noah Mytho Jun 2015
All the compliments? Every "I love you"? Every "I miss you"? Every "Please don't leave me"? Was it all a lie?
I can't understand how you moved on when I did nothing wrong. Forgetting how I was always there, always jumping to be by your side. Letting you sleep as I held you and pushed your nightmares away. Singing while you slept and you waking up saying your dreams were of me singing to you. Holding on to you through every horrible event... never giving up hope.
But you changed... you gave up on me for no reason. Losing every memory that kept us strong. Losing yourself...
So I give up... you don't want me around because I can still make you smile with one word, one look, and one tear. I can make you laugh with one joke, one laugh, one word. I can tell where you hurt without you saying or showing it. I look at your eyes and feel your pain, sorrow, angry, guilt?
Everyone has a limit, but i have never reached mine. I can withstand any pain, heart shattering pain. So deep, my soul gets cut and shatters!
This is a mini-rant, less of a poem, more of thoughts from 1:34am
Noah Mytho May 2015
Who would care?
Who would notice if i stopped messaging everyone?
Who would text my phone, message me on kik, blow up my facebook or even call?
Who would notice if i left?
What would they miss, me or my kindness?
Would they actually notice?
Would they actually care?
Don't worry. I'm just getting some feeling out where i know none of my friends visit regularly.
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