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Dec 2020 · 831
Messages To Him
mera Dec 2020
To an old Lover,

My dear, you might think I forgot about you completely
But you never knew every starry night, I open the gate of your voice to tell me stories that never existed.

It’s been a while since the last time we spoke. 10 months is not a short period of time. How did not lose control of yourself during this time...

I heard that you were looking for someone new to take over my place. I am sure you found one anyways. Just hoping you are happy with her.

The amount of time a person takes to get over someone, especially someone like you. Oh god knows how many laughs you’ve taken away from me.

Happy couples around me, that could’ve been us but you chose to walk away because you didn’t want to try anymore. It is okay, I wouldn’t try much if I were you.

Days I get up on my feet and day I catch myself wiping away those tears. Ah I wish I was as strong as you and just walked away.
Hello! Thank you for reading.
Sep 2019 · 293
Midnight messages
mera Sep 2019
No messages no calls
Your devil is tricking you into these thoughts
As if I wouldn’t want you back
But you are more than welcomed
You are here in my arms
Head laying on my chest
I would truly want you back
Do not let the wars push us away
Be more like a swing
Back and forth
And I’ll hold you between my arms
Your devil is holding you back
But you are more than welcomed
I am here waiting for a surprise
Something to make me smile
Coming from you
I am welcoming you
The door is wide open for you
I hope you dream of me
Miss him
Dec 2018 · 605
Your Broken Bottle
mera Dec 2018
To forget or not to forget.
I shall drink my last cup of my dreams of you.
As I stare morosely at these bottles around me.
Each broken bottle is a story, of me, of us.
I feel the sorness in my throat and its burning slowly.
I feel old. Shall I forget these years? I can’t believe these years has been mirage
Jun 2018 · 936
mera Jun 2018
Fed up with the sorrow I have been trying to avoid during my gloomy days.
Down there, where I push harder to get it all out and moan it away.
All of my negative energy gets piled up after what I though was love.
Its a lie indeed to myself.
I know that night I will get back home to stare at my blank walls.
To review my life for things I have messed out and messed up
And because of this deep blues i will carry on as I am thinking to end it all.
This is my 1st poem, I hope its well done.

— The End —